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SIEMENS SK76M540EU/11 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (2257 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS SK76M540EU/11INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] There is a risk of suffocation from collapsible boxes and film. ã=Warning Knives and other utensils with sharp points must be placed in the cutlery basket with the points downwards or horizontally on the knife shelf *. * depending on model Children in the household ­ If fitted, use the childproof lock. These may cause chemical burns in the mouth, throat and eyes or asphyxiation. The water in the rinsing compartment is not drinking water and could contain detergent residue. Installation Read the "Installation" chapter to learn how to install and connect the appliance correctly. In daily use ­ Use the dishwasher only in the household and only for its designed purpose: for washing domestic dishes. [. . . ] water temperature or line pressure may result in deviations. Y Express Wash * The >>Express Wash<< function can reduce the running time by approx. To obtain optimum cleaning results at a reduced running time, water and energy consumption are increased. Aqua sensor * * depending on model The Aqua sensor is an optical measuring device (light barrier) which measures the turbidity of the rinsing water. If the Aqua sensor is active, "clean" rinsing water can be transferred to the next rinse bath and water consumption can be reduced by 2­4 litres. If the turbidity is greater, the water is drained and is replaced with fresh water. In the automatic programmes the temperature and running time can also be adjusted to the degree of soiling. · Hygiene * The temperature is increased during the cleaning process. chopping boards and baby bottles. Ï Intensive zone * Perfect for a mixed load. You can wash very soiled pots and pans in the lower basket together with normally soiled utensils in the upper basket. The spray pressure in the lower basket is intensified, the rinsing temperature is increased slightly. Switching on the appliance ­ Turn on the tap fully. This programme remains selected if no other programme button 0 is pressed. The programme starts running. ¿ Extra drying * An increased temperature during the final rinse and an extended drying phase ensure that even plastic parts dry better. There is a slight increase in the energy consumption. Remaining running time display When the programme is selected, the remaining running time of the programme is indicated on the digital display h. Stainless steel appliances: To prevent corrosion, avoid using sponge cloths or wash them out thoroughly several times before using for the first time. ã=Warning Never use other chlorinated household detergents!Health hazard! Special salt and rinse aid ­ Check the refill indicators X and `. If required, refill salt and/or rinse aid. 15 en Filters The filters 1* keep large foreign objects in the rinsing water away from the pump. The filter system consists of a coarse filter, a flat fine filter and a microfilter. ­ Unscrew filter cylinder as illustrated and take out filter system. Spray arm Limescale and dirt from the rinsing water may block nozzles and the bearing assemblies of the spray arm 1". ­ Remove the spray arm upwards. ­ Clean the spray arm under running water. ­ Lock the spray arm into position. ­ Remove any residue and clean filters under running water. ­ Re-install filter system in reverse sequence and ensure that the arrow marks are opposite each other after closing the filter system. 16 en Waste water pump Large food remnants in the rinsing water not retained by the filters may block the waste water pump. In this case: ­ First disconnect the appliance from the power supply. ­ Loosen screws on the pump cover (Torx T 20) and pull off. Troubleshooting The majority of faults which could occur in daily operation can be rectified by the user. The following overview will help you locating the causes and gives helpful advise to eliminate them. If on the digital display h an error code (: to : ), always disconnect the appliance from the power supply and then turn off the tap. [. . . ] Please note the system will not function unless the power supply is connected. Waste-water connection ­ The required work sequence can be found in the installation instructions. ­ Connect the waste-water hose to the drainage connection of the siphon with the enclosed parts. Ensure that the drainage hose is not kinked, crushed or twisted and that there is no cover plate in the drainage to prevent the waste water from flowing out! Removing the appliance Also observe the sequence of worksteps here. ­ Pull out the appliance, carefully pulling the hose behind. Fresh water connection ­ Connect the fresh-water connection to the tap according to the installation instructions with the enclosed parts. [. . . ]


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