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[. . . ] The water hardness can also be found out from your local water supply company. Switching on the appliance COFFEE q Press button 11 forwards and pull the drawer out of the appliance. I The appliance is ready for use when the illuminated rings on button d 1 and on the 2 on" button 2 are lit green. Note: If the appliance is being used for the first time or has not been operated for a prolonged period, the first cup of coffee will not have the full aroma and should not be drunk. [. . . ] I 4 hours after the last coffee was brewed, a rinsing process is automatically actuated and the appliance switches to standby mode. These settings can be changed ć see Setting/Programming" chapter. 2on" button 2 Espresso or coffee can be brewed by pressing the 2 on" button 2. The green illuminated ring flashes while espresso or coffee is being brewed. If the 2on" button 2 is pressed again, the coffee brewing process is terminated. 30 Rotary knob for adjusting the filling quantity 3 x/w The amount of liquid is set with the rotary knob x / w 3. One of 6 settings can be selected by rotating the knob in an antiĆclockwise direction: SMALL ESPRESSO ESPRESSO SMALL COFFEE COFFEE LARGE COFFEE XXL COFFEE One of 6 settings can be selected for 2 cups by rotating the knob in a clockwise direction: 2 SMALL ESPRESSO 2 ESPRESSO 2 SMALL COFFEES 2 COFFEES 2 LARGE COFFEES 2 XXL COFFEES Outlet 12 has two nozzles for filling 2 cups. Rotary knob for adjusting the coffee strength 5 / The amount of ground coffee is selected with rotary knob / 5. VERY MILD MILD NORMAL NORMAL PLUS STRONG VERY STRONG The selected coffee strength is displayed: ESPRESSO 2 ESPRESSO NORMAL PLUS cleaning button +6 descaling button47 When the appliance requires cleaning or descaling, the illuminated ring on the cleaning button +6 or the descaling button 47 lights up red ć see Cleaning and descaling" chapter. 31 Preparation General This fully automatic espresso/coffee machine grinds fresh coffee for each brewing process. Q Select the desired amount of coffee and number of cups with rotary knob x / w 3. : q q q q q = hardness 2 Hold down button % on display 4 for at least 3 seconds. Note: It is important for the descaling programme that the water hardness is set correctly. If external water softeners are used in the domestic water system or if filtered water is used, select HARDNESS WATER 1. ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ 36 Filter setting A filter 17 is available as an optional accessory for the water tank 19 (order no 46 1732). Note: Change or remove used filter 17 as soon as system message FILTER CHANGE is displayed!If a new filter is not inserted, check the setting for FILTER NO / OLD and the water hardness. MAXIMUM Current time TIME --:-- The current time is programmed with this function. The set time will be deleted - if the mains plug is pulled out, - if the appliance is switched off with the mains switch 9, - if there is a power failure. ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ TIME 14:39 37 Timer ON AT --:-- The time at which the appliance will automatically switch on can be set with this function. DeĆactivating the setting: q Set the time to --:-- with < or >. ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ON AT 07:45 i The switchĆon time is retained even if there is a power failure or the mains switch 9 is actuated. [. . . ] The appliance may be damaged if it is not descaled according to the instructions. Warning Never descale the appliance with vinegar or vinegarĆbased agents!Specially developed and suitable agents are available from customer service (order no. I The illuminated ring on the 4descaling button 7 FILTER NO/OLD Warning The descaling programme starts in the FILTER NO/OLD programming only. [. . . ]


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