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[. . . ] This would increase the risk of fire and of receiving an electric shock!Should liquids permeate into the housing, unplug the appliance immediately and arrange for it to be repaired by a qualified technician. When the appliance is in use ensure that there are no easily inflammable materials close to it (e. g. NEVER touch the heating rods or the viewing window when the appliance is in use, or before it has cooled down completely. As the housing and the viewing window in the glass door become very hot during use, you must use an oven cloth or something similar to open the oven flap. [. . . ] Remove the plug from the power socket and wait until the appliance has cooled itself down. Then clean the grill and baking area with a cloth lightly moistened with water and then dry it carefully. -4- Switching off and transportation Switching off Place the function switch 2 and the time switch 4 at OFF. Unplug the power plug from the socket. When the warm-up period is finished, place the foodstuffs on the roasting grill 7 resp. Ensure that there is sufficient space between the foodstuffs and the inner walls/heating elements of the appliance. The most uniform baking results are obtained when the baking tray 8 resp. the roasting grill 7 are placed on the central runner and the air circulation is switched on. Transporting If you wish to transport the appliance, first allow it to cool down. Wrap the power cable around the retaining hooks on the rear of the appliance. Close the glass door 6 before starting the grill or baking process. If you are cooking especially fatty foodstuffs, an increased smoke development can occur. In this case, do not close the glass door 6 completely, instead, allow it to be slightly open: If you carefully push the door to, it comes into this position shortly before closing. Operation Grilling and baking Remove the roasting grill 7 and baking tray 8 from the appliance. 10 minutes (dependant on the setting) to the required temperature: - Select the required temperature with the temperature regulator 1. For grilling, you must always select the highest temperature setting (250° C). If you want to grill, always select the setting upper heat with the function switch 2. Adjust the time switch 4 to the required grilling or baking time. The maximum grilling or baking time is 60 minutes. If the cooking time for the foodstuff amounts to less than 25 minutes, first of all place the time switch 4 at 60 minutes and then turn it back to the required grilling or baking time. The control lamp 3 indicates that your Oven with Grill is switched on. The switch of the time switch 4 now rotates itself anti-clockwise towards OFF. When your Oven with Grill has reached the set temperature, the heating elements switch themselves off at intervals, to ensure that the temperature is maintained. -5- The appliance switches itself off automatically on completion of the programmed time. If you wish to switch the appliance off prematurely, turn the time switch 4 back to OFF. Place the function switch 2 at the position OFF and remove the plug from the power socket. Grilling and baking with circulating air As a general rule, if you are baking or grilling with air circulation vou can dispense with a pre-heating of the cooking space. The cooking and browning results are more even with the use of circulating air. Take note of the instructions given in the recipes when using air circulation. Press the rocker switch 5 for air circulation until it engages in position "1". You will hear a signal sound and the control lamp 3 extinguishes. with the assistance of a mincer, biscuit shaper or a shaping bag with nozzle. [. . . ] Dispose of the appliance through an approved disposal centre or at your community waste facility. Dispose of all packaging materials in an environmentally responsible manner. The door glass is broken or showing crakks. Arrange for the appliance to be checked/repaired by specialists. Should a defect not allow itself to be eliminated, please contact your dealer or the manufacturer. - 10 - Warranty & Service The warranty for this appliance is for 3 years from the date of purchase. This appliance has been manufactured with care and meticulously examined before delivery. Should a claim need to be made under the warranty, please make contact by telephone with our service department. [. . . ]


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