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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Dear customer, by purchasing the Bluetooth car radio SAB 160 A1 you have decided on a quality product from SilverCrest, which, in terms of technology and functionality, meets the most up-to-date development standards. Read the information included here so that you can quickly familiarize yourself with your device and thus make full use of its functions. These operating instructions are a component of the Bluetooth car radio SAB 160 A1 (hereafter referred to as the device) and supplies you with important information regarding proper use, safety, installation and connection as well as how to operate the device. The operating instructions must be constantly kept available close to the device. [. . . ] To again playback the national programme hold down the AF button until the notice REG OFF appears in the display. With the help of this function you can search for stations in a designated genre. The following settings are possible: POP M ROCK M NEWS AFFAIRS INFO EASY M LIGHT M SPORT EDUCATE DRAMA CLASSICS OTHER M CULTURE SCIENCE VARIED JAZZ COUNTRY WEATHER FINANCE CHILDREN NATION M OLDIES SOCIAL RELIGION PHONE IN FOLK M TRAVEL LEISURE DOCUMENT For this function the EON function must be switched on. setting the PTY identification Press the PTY button and subsequently press repeatedly one of the number buttons 1 to 6 to select the desired PTY input. To switch between the PTY inputs "Musical genre" and "Talk contributions" by the indicator of the first PTY input press the PTY button again. The number buttons are reserved as follows: Button 1 2 3 4 5 6 Musical genre POP M, ROCK M EASY M, LIGHT M CLASSICS, OTHER M JAZZ, COUNTRY NATION M, OLDIES FOLK M Talk contributions NEWS, AFFAIRS, INFO SPORT, EDUCATE, DRAMA CULTURE, SCIENCE, VARIED WEATHER, FINANCE, CHILDREN SOCIAL, RELIGION, PHONE IN TRAVEL, LEISURE, DOCUMENT If no further input occurs for 2 seconds an automatic search for stations that correspond to the PTY input starts The search stops with the first found station. With the station search only stations of the currently selected PTY identification will be considered. Station search by PTY identification During the display of a PTY identification if you press briefly the PTY button or the buttons I and/or I a search immediately starts for stations, which correspond to this PTY identification. If no station is found that corresponds with this PTY identification the indicator PTY NONE appears briefly and subsequently the search ends with the last preset station. In the TA mode the device will immediately switch from other stations or operation modes to the radio station, which is currently broadcasting traffic information. During the playback of traffic radio press the TA button to stop the TA function without switching off this function. NOTICE Dampness and high humidity can cause the CD player to malfunction. In this case switch on the vehicle heating to dissipate the dampness before using the device. This function serves to compensate for vibrations, for example on uneven streets, and to provide an uninterrupted playback even with device movement. When the device is switched on the memory automatically fills with data: with audio CDs for 12 seconds; with MP3 CDs for 75 seconds. 5 seconds the device will draw it back in, however playback of the CD will not start. Hold down the buttons I or I longer to start fast forward or backward. Press several times the RPT button to switch between the repeat functions. The following settings are possible: ­ RPT ONE: The current title is repeated. A mixture of titles and directories on the same level can result in problems when playing back. During playback the information from the ID3 tag of the MP3 files are read and are shown successively in the display. Skip directory Press the number button 6 to playback the next directory and/or the number button 5 to playback the previous directory. [. . . ] For this also read, without fail, your mobile phone's instructions. NOTICE If you cannot solve the problem with the aforementioned methods, please contact Customer Service. Accessories Device fuse Automotive blade type fuse Radio frequency range Frequency FM (VHF) Frequency AM (MW) Station memory slots FM (VHF) Station memory slots AM (MW) Audio input (AUX) Stereo jackplug USB port USB 1. This device complies in regard to conformity with the basic requirements and other relevent regulations of the vehicle directive 2004/104/EC and the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC. [. . . ]


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