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Manual abstract: user guide SILVERCREST SAS 150 A1

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The food to be sliced must be thawed, unpacked and free from bones before it can be sliced with the appliance. All other uses, and modifications to the appliance, are deemed to be improper usage and may result in serious physical injury. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damages that result from improper 6 GB/IE/CY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Introduction / Safety Supporting table with guide slot Foodstuff carriage Food holder plate with finger guard Cutting blade Food support plate Regulator (Infinite control slice-thickness controller) (Fig. C) 15 Screw helper 16 Adjustment screws 16a Spare adjustment screws 17 Slice / catch tray 18 Screw-clip for blade disassembly (Fig. [. . . ] Ensure that the power cable 8 does not pass over hot or sharp-edged objects. Do not allow the power cable 8 to become kinked or trapped and do not wrap it around the electric Multi-Purpose Slicer. Set the electric Multi-Purpose Slicer up on a flat, non-slip surface close to a power socket. Place the food carriage 10 on the supporting table with guide slot 9 . Now press the on the blade cover 6 high standing side down, so that the holding clamps (on the underside of the food carriage 10 ) engage. Ensure that these have correctly engaged, in that you check the mobility of the food carriage. Pull to the front for removal of the food carriage 10 from the guide slot 9 and lift it from the support table 9 . Push the food holder plate 11 on to the food carriage 10 . 8 GB/IE/CY Operation Working advice Specific safety advice for slicing and for the handling of the appliance 1. Press the pieces of food to be sliced forward using the food holder 11 . Use the slicer only for cutting normal household foods and not for other purposes. Do not use the slicer for cutting deep-frozen foods, bones, foods with large kernels or for the slicing of still packaged foods. Never use the slicer continuously for more than 10 minutes . Operation 5. The cutting blade 12 continues to rotate for a short while after the slicer has been switched off. For reasons of safety, the slice thickness must be returned to the , , 0" setting after use. Soft foodstuffs: Direct the food carriage 10 slowly against the cutter 12 . Soft foodstuffs, for example hams or cheeses, are best cut when they are at a low temperature / lightly chilled. Hard foodstuffs: With hard foodstuffs you can direct the food carriage 10 somewhat faster against the cutter 12 . You can thus quickly prepare your required amount of of sliced foods, for example salami, bread or gherkins. © © Setting the Vario-switch cutting blade speed Low revolutions / Revolution symbol narrow end: Set a low revolution speed when you want to cut soft foodstuffs. Push the Vario-switch 2 completely in the direction of the sharp end. High revolutions / Revolution symbol wide end: Use a high revolution speed for slicing hard foodstuffs. Note: Between the maximum and minimum adjustments you can naturally also carry out further individual settings. Practice appropriate trial slicings. © Selecting mode of operation Slice thickness - setting and cutting Note: The two operating modes can be switched on and off with the rocker switch for intermittent / continuous operation 3 . 10 minutes (switch in position , , I"): Set the switch for intermittent / continuous operation 3 to position , , I". [. . . ] The warranty is void in the case of abusive and improper handling, use of force and internal tampering not carried out by our authorized service branch. The warranty period will not be extended by repairs made unter warranty. Any damage and defects extant on purchase must be reported immediately after unpacking the appliance, at the latest, two days after the purchase date. Repairs made after the expiration of the warranty period are subject to payment. [. . . ]


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