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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The voltage of the power source must tally with the details given on the rating plate of the appliance. To avoid potential risks, arrange for a defective appliance to be checked and possibly repaired by qualified technicians, or contact our Customer Service Department. To avoid risks, arrange for defective power plugs and/or cables to be replaced at once by qualified technicians or our Customer Service Department. Always disconnect from the mains power socket by pulling only on the plug itself, never on the cable. [. . . ] You may not clean the steam iron with solvents, alcohol or abrasive cleaning agents. The appliance is delivered with the following components as standard: Steam iron Measuring beaker Operating instructions 1) Remove all parts of the appliance and the operating instructions from the carton. To avoid the risks of asphyxiation, keep plastic bags out of the reach of toddlers and small children. NOTICE Check the contents to ensure everything is present and for signs of visible damage. If the delivery is not complete, or is damaged due to defective packaging or through transportation, contact the Service Hotline (see chapter Service). The packaging materials are selected from the point of view of their environmental friendliness and disposal technology and are therefore recyclable. If possible, preserve the appliance's original packaging during the warranty period so that, in the event of a warranty claim, you can package the appliance appropriately for its return. 1) Fill the water tank with water (See "Filling with mains water"). 2) Insert the plug into a mains power socket supplying an electrical current as detailed on the rating plate. 5) Heat the steam iron up for several minutes at this highest setting. 7) Then, to remove any production residues possibly remaining on the sole of the iron 9, iron a piece of material that is no longer required. Under no circumstances should you use water from the clothes dryer, scented water, air-conditioning water or rain water for steam ironing. These waters contain minerals, organic substances or particles that can lead to a spraying out of the water, brown discharges and a premature aging of the appliance. 3) Using the measuring beaker w, fill the water tank with water to the "Max" marking, but no further. Should the mains water at your locality be rated as hard, it is recommended that you mix the mains water with some distilled water. Otherwise, the jets for the steam blast function could calcify (become blocked) prematurely. To extend the optimal steam blast function, mix mains water with distilled water as per the following table. Water hardness very soft / soft medium hard very hard The water hardness level can be queried at your local water works. Dry ironing without steam is possible at all temperatures, steam ironing is first possible from the adjustment setting on the temperature regulator 7. Should the clothing care instructions forbid ironing , the clothing item may not be ironed. 2) Check the care instructions on the labels in the garment to see if it is suitable for being ironed, and at which temperature setting. With mixed fabrics, always set the temperature for the more sensitive fibre. [. . . ] During the period when the safety switch-off is active, the control lamp "Power" 5 blinks. NOTICE Do not use the safety switch-off intentionally to take the iron out of service!The safety switch-off is for emergencies only, should the instructions for closing down be forgotten!The control lamp "Temperature" 4 lights up and then goes out. [. . . ]


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