User manual SILVERCREST SEAD 1800 A1

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Manual abstract: user guide SILVERCREST SEAD 1800 A1

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Follow the instructions given in this warning notice to avoid the risks of death or serious injury to people. WARNING A warning at this danger level signifies a possible dangerous situation. If the dangerous situation is not avoided it could lead to physical injuries. Observe the directives given in this warning to avoid personal injuries. [. . . ] If the contents are incomplete or have been damaged due to defective packaging or through transportation, contact the Service Hotline (see chapter Service). Remove all parts of the appliance and the operating instructions from the packaging. The packaging materials are selected from the point of view of their environmental friendliness and disposal technology and are therefore recyclable. The return of packaging into the material circuit saves on raw materials and reduces the amount of generated waste. dispose of the packaging material that is no longer needed as per the locally established regulations. NOTICE If possible retain the appliance's original packaging during the warranty period, so that, in the event of a warranty claim, you can ideally pack the appliance for its return. Appliance set up and making ready for use Completely unwind the power cable from the cable storage 8. clean the appliance as described in the chapter "Cleaning and Care". Fill the appliance with about 5 liters of water and allow it to boil for 20 minutes (see the section " Switching the appliance on and off"). When it is hot, take hold of the appliance ONLY by means of the heat insulated handles 2. NOTICE On the first use the generation of a slight smell may occur, this is due to residues from the production. Once the heating up is complete, signal tones sound, " " appears in the display and the time set in the display indicator "Minutes" 5 begins to count down. NOTICE The backlight of the display switches itself off automatically about 5 minutes after the last activation of a control knob. The display switches itself back on upon the activation of a control knob. 5) When the appliance is not in use, ALWAYS remove the plug from the mains power socket. NOTICE To be understood under the term preserving is the conservation of foodstuffs by, amongst others, the effects of heat. Dependent upon the type and mass of the items to be preserved, a differentiation is made between the processes of sterilisation and pasteurisation. In sterilisation, the items to be preserved are heated to a temperature of at least 100°C. For this, one needs the appropriate preserving jars, with screw-tops or lids with rubber rings. 2 cm) in two layers, one above the other, can be pasteurised/sterilised. 3) Fill the preserving boiler with sufficent water to ensure that the upper jars are submersed to at least 3/4 of their height. Ensure that the preserving jars in the lower layer are firmly sealed, so that water cannot infiltrate them. [. . . ] This recipe can be varied in different ways: for example, add various herbs, garlic or cubed bacon. 2 kg Pumpkin 1/2 l Vinegar 1 l Water 1/4 l Wine vinegar 1 kg Sugar Juice and rind of one Lemon a Ginger root ( fresh ginger cut into slices) a stick of Cinnamon a few Cloves Preparation Halve the pumpkin and remove the pith. NOTICE The warranty is valid only for material or manufacturing defects not, however, for transport damage, wear and tear or for damage to breakable parts, i. This product is for domestic use only and is not intended for commercial applications. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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