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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 16 SFW 250 B1 1 GB IE Introduction Information for these operating instructions These operating instructions are a component of the Meat Grinder SFW 250 B1 (henceforth designated as the appliance) and they supply you with important information about the intended use, safety and connection as well as operation of the appliance. These operating instructions must be constantly kept available close to the appliance. They are to be read and applied by everyone assigned to operate, and eliminate faults in, the appliance. Retain these operating instructions and pass them on, together with the appliance, to any future owners. [. . . ] Insert the biscuit attachment 1 so that the indentation on the biscuit attachment 1 lies on the securing fitment in the meat grinder casing 5. 6) After everything has been correctly assembled, screw the ring clamp 0 back on hand-tight. SFW 250 B1 7 GB IE 7) Replace the pattern strips 1 back in to the front of the biscuit attachment 1. Ensure that the grip on the pattern strips 1 points away from the appliance. If it does not, you will not be able to adjust the pattern, which is located directly on the grip. 8) Assemble the meat grinder casing 5 as described under "Assembling the meat grinder". 9) To dismantle it, you must first remove the pattern strips 1 before you can screw the ring clamp 0 open and take the biscuit attachment 1 back out. Operation RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK NEVER open the housing of the motor block 4 ­ it does not contain any user-serviceable elements. If the housing is opened, there is a risk of receiving a potentially fatal electric shock. To avoid an overheating of the appliance, after such a period switch it off and allow it to cool down for ca. NEVER activate the buttons "I" or "<", during a change of rotation direction, if the appliance motor has not come to a complete stop. Operating the appliance Once the appropriate attachments have been fixed: 1) Place the appliance where it will at all times be absolutely stable and under no circumstances could it fall off of the work surface or in any way come into contact with water (due to vibrations or becoming snagged in the power cable). RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Never touch an appliance, which is plugged in or is operational when it happens, that falls or lands in water ­ or in the case of other emergencies!First disconnect the appliance from the mains power source in all emergency situations!2) Put the food which is to be processed in the feeding tray 3 and place a catchment container at the front under the exit opening. 8 SFW 250 B1 3) First press the button "0" to check that the appliance is still switched off. Otherwise there is a risk that the appliance could unintentionally start when the plug is inserted into the power socket. Push the foodstuff into the feeding shaft ONLY with the round stodger 2 ­ NEVER with one's fingers, forks, spoons or similar objects. GB IE Processing meat 1) Use pieces of meat that fit easily into the feeding funnel. 2) When you have read and understood all of the instructions on the topic "Meat", you can now use the appliance as described in the chapter "Operating the appliance". Processing sausage meat 1) Pass meat through the meat grinder twice before using it as sausage stuffing. 2) To make sausage stuffing, add some chopped onions, spices and other ingredients to the minced meat, as per your recipe, and knead the mixture well. [. . . ] NOTICE The warranty covers only claims for material and manufacturing defects, not for transport damages, worn parts or for damage to fragile components, e. The appliance is intended for domestic use only, NOT for commercial purposes. If this product has been subjected to improper or inappropriate handling, abuse, or modifications not carried out by one of our authorised sales and service outlets, the warranty will be considered void. The warranty period is not extended by repairs effected under warranty. [. . . ]


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