User manual SILVERCREST SIKP 2000 B2

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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Claims of any kind for damage resulting from unintended use, incompetent repairs, unauthorised modification or the use of unauthorised spare parts will not be accepted. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Ensure that the power cable can never become wet or damp during operation. Should the cable or the electric plug become damaged, arrange for it to be replaced by Customer Services before you continue to use the appliance. Simply switching off the appliance is not sufficient, because the appliance continues to receive power for as long as the plug is connected to the mains power socket. [. . . ] The cooking area 1 itself is not heated - it heats up itself only when something in a pan is heated on it and then radiates heat back onto the cooking area 1. For this, an energy field generates heat which can only be created in magnetically conductible materials, for example, pans made of ferric materials. In other materials, for example porcelain, glass or ceramic, the energy field cannot create any heating effect. Use only cookware that is suitable for induction cookers: Suitable are pots and pans with a base made of steel or cast iron. These are recognisable either through the markings on the pan or if a magnet clings to the base of the pan. Unsuitable are all types of cookware made of metals to which a magnet does not cling, for example aluminium, copper and stainless steel, as well as non-metallic cookware made of porcelain, glass, ceramics and plastics etc. Thin pan bottoms are better suited for induction cookers than thick sandwich bottoms. The very short reaction times to setting adjustments (short pre-warm time; fast metered roasting) are not possible with thick pan bases. Only use cookware that is suitable for the size of the cooking area 1. ­ may not exceed 26 cm, so that the pan does not overhang, ­ and may not be less than 16 cm, so that the energy field can actually work. ­ The base of the pan may not be uneven, rather, it must sit flat. To the nearest wall, ­ a free space directly above of minimum 60 cm, e. Therefore, place it only on smooth surfaces, not on textiles or fluffy surfaces, such as tablecloths. Do not place it adjacent to curtains, drapes or other textiles which, due to the airflow, could press themselves against the appliance. When you have unpacked and positioned the appliance as described above, it is now ready for use. When cookware with content is standing on the hob 1: ­ Insert the plug 2 into a mains power socket. The control lamp POWER 4 lights up, the control lamp Cooking w blinks, the symbol flashes below the display 8 and , , L5" appears in the display 8. ­ if, within 30 seconds of switching on, you do not select any further function, ­ if you activate the button On/Off 5 once again, also when it is in actual use. NOTICE In standby mode, that is, after switching off or before switching on, an "- L-" or an "- H -" appears in the display 8. This heat indicator means: ­ "- L -" = "Low" - Temperature the cooking area 1 <60°C or ­ "- H -" = "High" - Temperature the cooking area 1 >60°C For safety reasons, the cookware recognition feature switches the appliance off automatically when you . ­ remove the cookware from the cooking area 1 for longer than 15 seconds, or do not place one there. ­ Although the energy field is immediately switched off with short-term cookware removals - the selected function remains, however, active. [. . . ] Clean all surfaces and the cable 2 only with a lightly moistened cloth. Burnt-on soiling on the cooking area 1 can be removed with a scraper suitable for glass hobs, available in most household equipment shops. Should soiling be visible in the area of the ventilation slots, you can attempt to remove this from outside with a vacuum cleaner. The temperature sensor underneath the cooking area 1 is defective or there is a short circuit. [. . . ]


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