User manual SILVERCREST SLB 450 A2

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Manual abstract: user guide SILVERCREST SLB 450 A2

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Claims of any kind due to damage caused by improper use, incompetent repairs, unauthorized modifications or the use of non-approved spare parts are excluded. In the existing operation instructions the following warnings are used: DANGER A warning at this danger level indicates a threateningly dangerous situation. If the dangerous situation is not avoided, it could result in death or serious injury. Follow the instructions given in this warning notice to avoid the risks of death or serious injury to people. [. . . ] Observe the following safety notices to avoid electrical hazards: All parts containing electrical components, except remote control devices, should be located or secured so that they cannot fall into the bathtub. All parts except those supplied with the extra low safety voltage of up to 12 V, MUST be inaccessible to people in the bath. For a safe and error-free operation of the appliance, installation location must fulfill the following conditions: Never place the pump Place the pump above the bathtub. Place the pump in such a way that the suction opening under of the pump housing cannot be covered (such as by a bath mat). Do not place the pump Do not place the pump in a wet environment or in a spraywater area. The mains power socket must be protected by an FC protector switch (RCD) with a rated residual current not exceeding 30 mA. It must be easily accessible, so that the plug can be quickly removed in an emergency. Secure the air-bubble mat 6 to the floor of your bathtub with the rear suction cups. IMPORTANT Before you connect up, compare the connection data (voltage and frequency) on the plate of the appliance with that of your electrical network. Check to ensure that the power cable 4 of the appliance is undamaged and it will not be laid over hot surfaces and/or sharp edges. NOTICE The supplied battery (3V, type CR 2032) has already been fitted into the remote control at the factory. to insert a new battery , proceed as follows: Open the battery compartment at the rear of the remote control 9 by . Use a small rotating the circular cover in the direction of the symbol coin for turning it. insert a battery of the type CR 2032 (3V) into the battery compartment. Close the battery compartment by replacing the round cover and turning it in the direction of the symbol until it is firmly seated back in the housing. If the air bubble mat is not fixed into the bathtub properly, there is a great risk of slipping!Observe the following safety information to avoid the risks of slipping: Carefully press the air-bubble mat onto the bottom of the bath tub until all of the suction cups on the air-bubble mat are firmly secured to the bath bottom. Check every time before getting into the bath tub whether the air-bubble mat is still properly and firmly secured. Do not climb into the bathtub before all the suction cups of the air-bubble mat are properly secured in the bath tub. Place the air-bubble mat 6 onto the bottom of your bath tub so that the connection-support for the air hose 7 is pointing upwards. Press the air-bubble mat 6 with the flat of your hands until it is firmly secured onto the bath tub floor by its suction cups. NOTICE The suction cups of the air-bubble mat attach themselves to the bottom of the bath tub much easier and more firmly if you first moisten them slightly before pressing. [. . . ] This product is for private use only and is not intended for commercial use. If this product has been subjected to improper or inappropriate handling, abuse, or modifications not carried out by one of our authorised service centres, the warranty will be considered void. The warranty period is not extended by repairs effected under warranty. Damages or defects discovered after purchase are to be reported directly after unpacking, at the latest two days after the purchase date. [. . . ]


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