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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In the existing operation instructions the following warnings are used: WARNING A warning of this danger level indicates a possibly dangerous situation. IMPORTANT A warning of this danger level signifies possible property damage. This appliance is intended solely for the care and maintenance of fingernails, toenails and feet. This appliance is not intended for any other use or for uses beyond those mentioned here. [. . . ] The appliance is supplied with the following components as standard: Hand element with power cable and power adapter 6 Attachments: - Sapphire cone - Felt cone - Sapphire disc - Cylindrical miller - Flame miller - Round sapphire miller Storage bag Operating Instructions NOTICE Check the contents to ensure everything has been provided, and for signs of visible damage. If the contents are not complete, or are damaged due to defective packaging or transportation, contact the Service Hotline. The packaging materials are selected from the point of view of their environmental friendliness and disposal technology and are therefore recyclable. The recirculation of packaging into the material circuit saves on raw materials and reduces the amount of waste generated. Dispose of packaging material that is no longer needed according to the regionally established regulations. NOTICE If possible preserve the appliance's original packaging during the warranty period so that, in the event of a warranty claim, you can package the appliance properly for its return. Input voltage power adapter Input current power adapter Output voltage power adapter Output current power adapter Protection class 100 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 0. Sapphire cone 7: For removing dry skin, hardened skin or callouses on the soles and heels, and to process the nails. Guide the sapphire cone 7 with a circular motion and under gentle pressure over the parts of the sole and heel to be treated. Do not exert too strong a pressure and always make contact carefully with the appliance on the surface to be treated. Felt cone 8: For smoothing and polishing nail edges after filing, as well as cleaning the nail surface. Use the felt cone 8 to polish and smooth the edge of the nail and to clean the nail surface after milling. Always polish in a circular motion and never let the felt cone 8 rest in one place. As only the inner disc rotates and the outer edge does not move, you can file your nails accurately without damaging your skin with the rapidly rotating disk. cylindrical miller 0: For milling thickly growing toe nails and rough smoothing of the surfaces. With the cylinder miller 0 you can mill away thickly growing nail surfaces. Always hold the cylinder miller 0 parallel to the nail surface and, with light pressure and circular movements, remove the excess growth. Guide the flame miller q carefully onto the treatment area and cut away the affected nail part. WARNING - RISK OF INJURY At too high speeds and with a too heavy pressure, the sapphire miller can quickly penetrate into deeper, healthy skin layers. To remove corns, mill very carefully and slowly at low speed with the round sapphire cutter w. Under no circumstance should you use undue pressure, otherwise you could rapidly penetrate healthy skin and injure it. WARNING - RISK OF INJURY Too long and too intensive treatment can also injure deeper layers of skin. [. . . ] The appliance has been manufactured with care and meticulously examined before delivery. In the case of a warranty claim, please make contact by telephone with our service department. The warranty covers only claims for material and maufacturing defects, but not for transport damage, wearing parts or for damage to fragile components, e. This product is for private use only and is not intended for commercial use. [. . . ]


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