User manual SILVERCREST SMZCD 400 A1

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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] –º Pay heed to the procedures described in these operating instructions. Claims of all kinds resulting from damage caused by improper use, incompetent repairs, unauthorised modifications or the use of unauthorised spare parts are excluded. 12 14:48 Safety instructions In this chapter you will receive important safety information regarding the handling of the appliance. For safe handling of the appliance observe the following safety information: DANGER - RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK! [. . . ] Disposal of the packaging The packaging protects the appliance from transport damage. The packaging materials are selected from the point of view of their environmental friendliness and disposal technology and are therefore recyclable. The recirculation of packaging into the material circuit saves on raw material and reduces the amount of waste generated. Dispose of packaging material that is no longer needed as per the regionally established regulations. NOTICE ► If possible preserve the appliance's original packaging during the warranty period so that, in the event of a warranty claim, you can package the appliance ideally for its return. 2) Place the blade holder 5 with the blade 6 on the drive shaft in the interior of the bowl 7. 3) Prepare the items to be processed by cutting large pieces to a size that will fit in the bowl 7. 20 Seconds) 1 x 10 Seconds Speed Hazelnuts Cheese (Gouda, old, at refrigerator temperature) Onions Garlic Carrots Parsley turbo 100 g 100 g 100 g 200 g 20 g turbo turbo Normal turbo turbo Almonds 200 g turbo Apple Walnuts Ice cubes Whole milk/dark chocolate (standard 100 g bar) Beef (tender, tendons/bones removed, cut into cubes (about 2 x 2cm)) 200 g 100 g 100 g 100 g turbo turbo turbo turbo 250 g pulsating (max. 12 14:48 5) Ensure that the sealing ring 4 is inserted into the lid 3: the two rubber lips on the sealing ring 4 must engage in the plastic rail in the interior of the lid 3. 6) Then close the bowl 7 with the lid 3: Place it on the bowl 7 so that the lugs on the lid 3 engage in the slots on the bowl 7. Then turn the lid 3 so that the lugs slide unter the slots and the lid 3 locks into place. 8) Press the motor unit 2 down to start the motor at normal operating speed. 9) To obtain the higher processing speed "Turbo“ for the contents, in addition to the motor unit 2 press and hold down the turbo button 1. As soon as you release the turbo button 1 the appliance returns to the normal operating speed. NOTICE ► Should larger pieces of the contents collect on the wall of the bowl while processing, lift the motor unit 2 from the lid 3. –º Before starting the processing, particularly hard foods must be cut into smaller pieces (about 2cm). For this, press the turbo button 1 repeatedly for a short time (in addition to the motor block 2). Should the foodstuff not be completely chopped, you can either cut it into smaller pieces or lift the motor unit 2 from the lid 3. [. . . ] GB Storage ■ Clean the appliance as described in the section "Cleaning and care". Troubleshooting Problem Cause The plug is not inserted into a mains power socket. 12 14:48 GB Disposal of the appliance Do not dispose of this appliance in your normal domestic waste. This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive 2002/96/EC. [. . . ]


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