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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Intended use This appliance is intended for human hair care and only for use in domestic households. It is not intended for use on animals or in commercial or industrial environments. This appliance is not intended for any other use or for uses beyond those mentioned. Claims of any kind for damage resulting from unintended use will not be excepted. [. . . ] –º Allow the appliance to cool down before attaching or detaching attachments. –º Use only the supplied original accessories as these have been optimised for interaction with the appliance. –º Keep the openings for the air inlet and outlet clear so as to have unimpaired air flow. –º Exercise caution when using hair spray, water atomizers etc. It could happen that the air flow may blow these substances directly into your eyes. On the other hand, these substances must not enter the appliance – they may be inflammable, aggressive or conductive for electricity. GB Items supplied This appliance is supplied with the following components as standard: ▯ Multi-Function Hot Air Styler ▯ Storage case ▯ Small round brush ▯ Large round brush ▯ Half round brush ▯ Curling tongs ▯ Smoothing brush ▯ Styling jet ▯ Operating instructions NOTICE ► Check the contents to ensure that everything is present and for signs of visible damage. –º If the contents are not complete or are damaged due to defective packaging or through transportation contact the Service Hotline (see chapter Service). Unpacking ♦ Remove all parts of the appliance and the operating instructions from the carton. –º Packaging materials should not be used as a play thing. 12 11:33 Disposal of the packaging The packaging protects the appliance against transport damage. The packaging materials are selected from the point of view of their environmental friendliness and disposal technology and are therefore recyclable. The recirculation of packaging into the material circuit saves raw material and reduces the amount of waste generated. Dispose of packaging material that is no longer needed as per the regionally established regulations. NOTICE GB ► If possible, preserve the appliance's original packaging during the warranty period, so that in the event of a warranty claim you can package the appliance ideally for its return. Appliance description Appliance: 1 Attachment insertion slot 2 Slide switch Cool Shot 3 Level switch 4 Power cable 5 Suspension loop 6 Air intake grill 7 Release button “push” Accessories: 8 Half-round brush 9 Curling tongs 0 Small round brush q Storage bag w Smoothing brush e Large round brush r Styling jet First use ■ Before taking the appliance into use ensure that . €“ the appliance and the attachments are in good working order, – all packaging materials have been removed. Fitting Attachments ■ Insert the desired attachment into the attachment insertion slot 1, so that the front arrow symbol on the attachment points at the arrow symbol on the . Attachment insertion slot 1 ■ Turn the attachment clockwise until it clicks into place. The back arrow on the attachment now points at the arrow on the attachment insertion slot 1 . [. . . ] –  Clean the air intake grill 6 at regular intervals with a soft brush. 12 11:33 Storage ■ You can also hang the appliance up by the suspension loop 5. –  If you are intending to not use the appliance for an extended period, store it in the storage bag q. Tips for the perfect hairstyle ■ Only style your hair when it is already almost dry. [. . . ]


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