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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] It has no running costs other than the minimal cost of re-charging the batteries. The Twintalker is protected against vertically falling water drops when enclosure tilted up to 15° according to the IPX2 standard. For example: to keep in contact during travelling with 2 or more cars, biking, skiing. It can be used to keep in contact with your children when they are playing outside, etc. [. . . ] 8 • • • • • • • • Included in the package 2 x Twintalker 4810 2 x Beltclip 1 x Duo Charger 1 x Power adapter 8 x AAA NiMh battery 2 x Earpiece with microphone and PTT - button User guide Card with service address and Hotline 7 Twintalker 4810 Twintalker 4810 9 Getting started A 9. Installing/Removing the Belt Clip To remove the belt clip from the unit, push the belt clip (B) towards the antenna, while pulling the clip tab (A). When re-installing the belt clip, a click indicates the belt clip is locked into position. Lift the battery door by gently pushing the door clip (C) using your finger nail. 8 Twintalker 4810 Twintalker 4810 10 Charging the batteries ENGLISH 9 When the batteries are installed, the desktop charger provides drop-in charging conveniency. Plug one end of the supplied adapter into an easy accessible electric socket and the other end into the connector on the backside of the desktop charger 25 . (See folded cover page illustration C) Put the radio in the charger as indicated. The charging LED 26 will turn on if it’s properly inserted and charging. Do not press the PTT-button of the PMR’s while they are placed in the charger !Remove the batteries if this device is not going to be used for a long period. Do not charge non rechargeable batteries like Alkaline batteries in the charger. DCS is similar to CTCSS, but instead of sending a continuous tone of a selected frequency, a digital data transmission is added to the radio signal. This Digital Code is transmitted at a really low rate, around 134 bits per second (the code is 23 bits long). Since earlier models will only support CTCSS it will be better to use DCS to prevent that other users will be audible during your PMR conversations. 1 CTCSS • • • Press the -button 5 twice : "CTCSS" and the current CTCSS code flashes on the display. 2 DCS ENGLISH 13 • • • Press the -button 5 three times : "DCS" and the current DCS code flashes on the display. To disable CTCSS or DCS, select code "00" for CTCSS or for DCS in the menu. 8 Monitor You can use the monitor feature to check for weaker signals in the current channel. During channel monitoring the receiver circuit in the PMR will not listen to CTCSS or DCS codes. In VOX mode, the radio will transmit a signal when it is activated by your voice or other sound around you. VOX operation is not recommended if you plan to use your radio in a noisy or windy environment. ENGLISH 15 Once there is a transmission on the channel, the DCS code (if used) will be detected and displayed. [. . . ] Press the -button 4 and hold for three seconds to deactivate the stopwatch. 17 Display back light To activate the backlight of the LCD display, press any button except the PTT- button 11 or the button 4 . 14 Earpiece connection The Twintalker 4810 can be used with the included earpiece. The connector is located under the protective rubber cover on the upper side of the unit 2 . [. . . ]


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