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[. . . ] • Never try to put out a fire or flames with water: Turn off the appliance and smother the flames with a fire blanket or other appropriate cover. • Keep the oven door closed during cooking. • Protect your hands by wearing oven gloves when moving food inside the oven. • Do not allow children to approach the appliance when it is in operation. • If you need to move food or at the end of cooking, open the door 5 cm for a few seconds, let the steam come out, then open it fully. [. . . ] Safety instructions 1. 6 This user manual This user manual is an integral part of the appliance and must therefore be kept in its entirety and within the user’s reach for the whole working life of the appliance. Read this user manual carefully before using the appliance. Information Advice 1. • Standalone instruction. 30 Description 2 Description 2. 1 General Description EN 1 Control panel 2 Oven light 3 Seal 4 Door 5 Fan 6 Tray support frames Frame shelf 2. 2 Control panel 1 Temperature knob This knob allows you to select the cooking temperature. Turn the knob clockwise to the required value, between the minimum and maximum setting. 2 Thermostat indicator light When the indicator light is fixed, it indicates that the oven is heating up to reach the set temperature. Once the temperature has been reached, the indicator light comes on and goes off to indicate that the temperature is being kept constant. 31 Description 3 Timer indicator light When off, it indicates the beginning of timed cooking. Turn the knob to the for manual cooking or to the symbol numbers to select the minutes of cooking. Once the countdown has finished, the knob will automatically return to the “0” position, the oven switches off and a beep sounds to indicate the end of cooking. Safety thermostat The appliance is equipped with a safety device that triggers in case of serious malfunction. Unscrew the protective cover for the thermostat with the dedicated tool. To reset the safety thermostat, press the button on the back. 2. 3 Other parts Shelves The appliance features shelves to position trays and racks at different heights. The insertion heights are indicated from the bottom upwards (see 2. 1 General Description). • If the dessert collapses when it comes out of the oven, on the next occasion reduce the set temperature by about 10°C, selecting a longer cooking time if necessary. Advice for defrosting • Place frozen foods without their packaging in a lidless container on the first shelf of the oven. • To defrost meat, use the rack placed on the second level and a tray on the first level. This way, the liquid from the defrosting food drains away from the food. To save energy • Stop cooking a few minutes before the time normally used. Cooking will continue for the remaining minutes with the heat which has accumulated inside the oven. • Reduce any opening of the door to a minimum to avoid heat dispersal. • Keep the inside of the appliance clean at all times. 34 Cleaning and maintenance 4 Cleaning and maintenance 4. 1 Cleaning the appliance We recommend the use of cleaning products distributed by the manufacturer. Recommendations for cleaning the appliance To keep the surfaces in good condition, they should be cleaned regularly after use. Ordinary daily cleaning Always use only specific products that do not contain abrasives or chlorine-based acids. Pour the product onto a damp cloth and wipe the surface, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or a microfibre cloth. [. . . ] • Before performing any kind of maintenance, disconnect the appliance from the mains and wait for it to cool down if it has recently been used. This product meets current safety regulations for electrical appliances. To prevent safety hazards for users, all technical inspections or repairs must be carried out by qualified personnel. If the appliance is not working properly, before calling Technical Support, ensure that the procedures listed above have been performed. 41 EN Installation 5 Installation 5. 1 Electrical connection The terminal indicated by symbol links up parts that are normally earthed. Connect the appliances appropriately using this terminal in order to make sure that they are equipotential. [. . . ]


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