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[. . . ] • Never attempt to repair or install the appliance yourself as the warranty will become void. • Installation must be done by a qualified gas installer and qualified electrician. Additional installation information for SMEG gas hobs and stoves supplied to South Africa All Smeg appliances comply with SANS 1539 and have been issued with Permit numbers by the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa. Gas Type: LPG (Note: This appliance may have been supplied ex factory with setting and jets for Natural Gas. [. . . ] If the appliance does not work properly, contact your local Authorised Service Centre. 3. 3 First use 1. Remove any protective film from the outside or inside of the appliance, including accessories. Remove any labels (apart from the technical data plate) from the accessories and from the cooking compartments. Remove and wash all the appliance accessories (see 4 Cleaning and maintenance). Heat the empty oven at the maximum temperature to burn off any residues left by the manufacturing process. 3. 2 Precautions A gas leak can cause an explosion. If you smell gas or there are faults in the gas system: • Immediately turn off the gas supply or close the valve on the gas cylinder. • Do not turn on power switches or appliances and do not remove plugs from power sockets. • Call customer assistance services or your gas supplier. 17 EN Malfunctions Use 3. 4 Using the accessories Ring reducers The ring reducers have to be placed on the hob grids. Make sure they are properly placed. 3. 5 Using the hob All the appliance’s control and monitoring devices are located together on the front panel. Simply press the knob and turn it anticlockwise to the maximum flame symbol, until the burner lights. If the burner does not light in the first 15 seconds, turn the knob to and wait 60 seconds before trying again. If the burner does not ignite after 15 seconds, stop attempting to light it, leave the oven door open and do not try to light it again for at least 60 seconds. For safety reasons, the fan does not work in combination with the gas burner grill. Gas burner The heat coming just from the bottom allows you to complete the cooking of foods that require a higher bottom temperature, without affecting their browning. Grill The heat coming from the gas grill gives perfect grilling results above all for thin and medium thickness meat and in combination with the rotisserie (where fitted) gives the food an even browning at the end of cooking. This function enables large quantities of food, particularly meat, to be grilled evenly. Fan + lower element The combination of the fan with just the lower heating element allows cooking to be completed more rapidly. This system is recommended for sterilising or for finishing off the cooking of foods which are already well-cooked on the surface, but not inside, which therefore need a little more heat. Perfect for any type of food. 21 EN Using the gas grill Functions list Use 3. 7 Cooking advice General advice • It is not possible to shorten cooking times by increasing the temperature (the food could be overcooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside). Advice for cooking meat • Cooking times vary according to the thickness and quality of the food and to consumer taste. • Use a meat thermometer when roasting meat, or simply press on the roast with a spoon. If it is hard, it is ready; if not, it needs another few minutes cooking. [. . . ] If a hood is installed above the hob, refer to the hood instruction manual to ensure the correct clearance is left. X 150 mm B - Class 2 subclass 1 (Built-in appliance) Y 750 mm Depending on the type of installation, this appliance belongs to classes: A - Class 1 (Free-standing appliance) C - Class 2 subclass 1 (Built-in appliance) The appliance must be installed by a qualified technician and according to the regulations in force. 38 Installation 1. Secure the chain to the cooker using the screw removed in the previous step. Stretch the chain out horizontally so that the other end touches the wall. The length of the chain must be as short as possible to prevent the appliance from tipping forwards or diagonally or from moving sideways. 39 EN Fastening to wall 4. [. . . ]


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