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[. . . ] DHT38PLIT Dryer User Manual Asciugatrice Manuale utente 2960311576_EN/150917. 1716 Please read this user manual first! Dear Customer, Thank you for prefering a Smeg product. We hope that your product which has been manufactured with high quality and technology will give you the best results. We advise you to read through this manual and the other accompanying documentation carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference. Pay attention to all details and warnings specified in the user manual and follow the instructions given therein. [. . . ] Anti-creasing button 5. 2 Display symbols Audio warning smbol Filter drawer cleaning warning symbol Filter cleaning warning symbol Water tank warning symbol Start / Pause symbol Smart grid symbol Steam tank warning symbol Dryness level Child lock warning symbol End time symbol Remaining time indicator* Programme progress bar *Time that appears on display indicates the remaining time until the end of the programme and changes according to the dampness level of the laundry and model of the dryer. Dryer / User Manual 15 / EN Operating the product 5. 3 Preparing the machine 1. Plug in your machine. 4. When your machine is operated for the first time, it starts with the declaration programme (wardrobe dryness for cottons. ) 5. 6 Additional programmes For special cases, following additional programmes are available in the machine. C Pressing the On/Off/Cancel button does not mean that the programme has started. Press Start / Pause button to start the program. C C Additional programs may differ according to the features of your machine. To obtain better results from your dryer, your laundry must be washed at suitable programmes and spun at the recommended spin speeds in the washing machine. . 5. 4 Programme selection • Jeans • Mix 1. Decide the appropriate programme from the table below which includes drying levels. Thick and multi layered laundry (towels, linens, jeans and etc. ) are dried in a way that they do not require ironing before being placed in the wardrobe. Normal laundry (tablecloths, underwear and etc. ) are dried in a way that they do not require ironing before being placed in the wardrobe. Normal laundry (shirts, dresses and etc. ) are dried ready to be ironed. For further programme details, see "Programme selection and consumption table". . Use this programme to dry your jeans that are spun at high speeds in the washing machine. Use this programme to dry non-pigmenting synthetic and cotton laundry items together. • WoolProtect Extra Dry Use this programme to dry woolen garments such as jumpers that are washed according to the instructions. It is recomended that garments would be removed at the end of the programme. The wool drying cycle of this machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the drying of machine washable wool products provided that the products are washed and dried according to the instructions on the garment label and those issued by the manufacturer of this machine. (M14096). Cupboard Dry Iron Dry C • Night 5. 5 Main programmes • Cottons Depending on the fabric type, the following main programmes are available. It is recommended to use for your cotton items (bed sheets, quilt covers, towels, bathrobes, etc. ). In this programme the level of noise emitted to the environment will be the lowest. Volume level will be fifty percent lower with respect to the ‘wardrobe dry for cottons’ programme. • Xpress You can use this programme to dry your cotton laundry that you have spun at high speeds in your washing machine. This programme dries 1 kg cotton laundry (3 Shirts / 3 T-shirts) in 49 minutes. • BabyProtect • Daily • Synthetics Dry less durable laundry with this programme. 16 / EN This programme is used for baby clothes that bear machine dryable approval on its label. This programme is used to dry cottons and synthetics daily, and lasts for 100 minutes. Dryer / User Manual Operating the product • Shirts 30’ Use this programme to make 2 shirts ready for ironing in 30 minutes. C There may be a little moisture on the shirts at the end of the programme. We recommend you not to leave the shirts in the dryer. • Delicates You can dry your highly delicate laundry (silk blouses, fine underwear, etc. ) that are suitable for drying or laundry which is advised to be hand-washed at a lower temperature. C It is recommended to use a cloth bag to avoid certain delicate garments and laundry from getting creased or damaged. Take your laundry immediately out of the dryer and hang them after the programme ends in order to prevent them being creased. • Freshen Up Only ventilation is performed for 10 minutes without blowing hot air. You can air the clothes that have been kept at closed environments for a long time and deodorize unpleasant odors thanks to this programme. • Timer programmes You can select one of the 10 min. , 20 min. , 30 min. , 40 min. , 50 min. , 60 min. , 80 min. , 100 min. , 120 min. , 140 min. timer programmes to achieve the desired final drying level at low temperatures. C With this programme, the machine dries for the time selected regardless of the dryness level. Dryer / User Manual 17 / EN Operating the product 5. 7 Programme selection and consumption table EN Programs Cottons / Coloreds Capacity (kg) Spin speed in washing machine (rpm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1200 1200 1200 1000 1200 600 600 800 800 Spin speed in washing machine (rpm) 1000 1000 800 Approximate amount of remaining humidity % 60 % 60 % 60 % 60 % 60 % 60 % 50 % 50 % 60 % 50 % 40 % 50 % 40 % 40 Approximate amount of remaining humidity % 60 % 60 % 40 Drying time (minutes) 190 185 / 115 150 220 95 30 130 100 110 49 55 146 75 55 Energy consumption value kWh 1, 29 / 0, 73 1, 05 0, 51 0, 4 1, 0 A Extra dry A Cupboard dry A Iron dry Night (silent) Babyprotect Shirts 30’ Jeans Daily Mix Xpress Delicates Wool protect Synthetics 8 8/4 8 8 3 0, 5 4 4 4 1 2 1, 5 4 4 B Cupboard dry B Iron dry Energy consumption values Programs Cottons linen Ready to wear* Cottons Ready to iron Synthetics Ready to wear Capacity (kg) 8/4 8 4 Power consumption of the off-mode for the standart cotton programme at full load, PO (W) Power consumption of the left-on mode for the standart cotton programme at full load, PL (W) Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. R134a / 0, 51 kg - GWP:1430 - 0, 729 tCO2e „Cotton cupboard dry programme“ used at full and partial load is the standard drying programme to which the information in the label and the fiche relates, that this programme is suitable for drying normal wet cotton laundry and that it is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for cotton. * : Energy Label standard program (EN 61121:2012) “All the filters must be cleaned prior to test series. ” All values given in the table have been fixed according to EN 61121:2012 Standard. These values may deviate from the values in the table according to the laundry type, laundry spin speed, environmental conditions and voltage fluctuations. [. . . ] • Ventilation is not sufficient since the room where the machine is installed is very small. Open the door and window of the room to avoid the room temperature increase too much. >>> Spin your laundry at a higher speed in your washing machine. Laundry comes out wet at the end of drying. • It is likely that the selected programme did not suit the laundry type. >>>Checking the care labels on clothes, select appropriate programme for the laundry type or use timer programmes in addition. [. . . ]


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