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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Read the instructions. Explanation of symbols Throughout this user manual the following symbols are used: C A B Important information or useful hints about usage. Warning for hazardous situations with regard to life and property. Warning against electric shock. Warning against hot surfaces. Warning against fire hazard. Packaging materials of the product are manufactured from recyclable materials in accordance with our National Environment Regulations. Do not dispose of the packaging wastes with the domestic waste or other wastes, discard them to the dedicated collection points designated by the local authorities. 1 Important instructions for safety and environment This section contains safety instructions that will help protect from risk of personal injury or property damage. 1. 1 General safety • The dryer can be used by children at and above 8 years old and by persons whose physical, sensory or mental capabilities were not fully developed or who lack experience and knowledge provided that they are supervised or trained on the safe usage of the product and the risks it brings out. Cleaning and maintenance works should not be performed by children unless they are supervised by someone. [. . . ] • Do not open the loading door of the machine during drying unless necessary. If you must open the loading door, do not keep it open for a long time. • Do not add wet laundry while the dryer is in operation • Clean the lint filter before or after each drying cycle. (See 6. 1 Cleaning Lint Filter / Loading Door Inner Surface) 14 / EN Dryer / User Manual Iron without steam Iron at medium temperature Iron at low temperature Dry-cleanable At medium temperature Hang to dry Drying Settings At low temperature Lay to dry Preparation • Clean the filter drawer periodically when there is visible air collection on it or when the symbol lights up, if there is a filter drawer cleaning warning symbol « » available. 4 Cleaning the filter drawer) Ventilate the room, where the dryer is located, well during drying. Laundry Cotton quilt covers (double) Cotton quilt covers (single) Bed sheets (double) Bed sheets (single) Large tablecloths Small tablecloths Tea napkins Bath towels Hand towels Blouses Cotton shirts Shirts Cotton dresses Dresses Jeans Handkerchiefs (10 pieces) T-Shirts *Dry laundry weight before washing. Approximate weights (g)* 1500 1000 500 350 700 250 100 700 350 150 300 250 500 350 700 100 125 • 4. 5 Correct load capacity Follow the instructions in the “Programme selection and consumption table”. Do not load more than the capacity values stated in the table. C It is not recommended to load the dryer with laundry exceeding the level indicated in the figure. Furthermore, dryer and the laundry can get damaged. Dryer / User Manual 15 / EN 5 Operating the product 5. 1 Control panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 9 8 7 1. Anti-creasing button 5. 2 Display symbols Audio warning smbol Filter drawer cleaning warning symbol Filter cleaning warning symbol Water tank warning symbol Start / Pause symbol Smart grid symbol Steam tank warning symbol Dryness level Child lock warning symbol End time symbol Remaining time indicator* Programme progress bar *Time that appears on display indicates the remaining time until the end of the programme and changes according to the dampness level of the laundry and model of the dryer. 16 / EN Dryer / User Manual Operating the product Anti Creasing Child-proof lock 5. 3 Preparing the machine 1. Plug in your machine. 4. When your machine is operated for the first time, it starts with the declaration programme (wardrobe dryness for cottons. ) 5. 5 Main programmes • Cottons Depending on the fabric type, the following main programmes are available. 1. Select the programme with the programme button; select the auxiliary functions such as Anti-creasing, Dryness Level etc. 2. Press and hold the Favourite selection button for about 3 seconds. Features of set programme will be saved. Anti-creasing 0 minute End time Anti-creasing 30 minute With the End Time function, the end time of the programme may be delayed up to 24 hours. The time on the display is the total of normal drying time and end time. • Select the drying program. Anti-creasing 60 minute Anti-creasing 120 minute C Press Anti-creasing button to activate this function. Press End Time button to set the desired time delay. Time Delaying starts countdown and the time delaying symbol lights up on the display. The “:” in the middle of the displayed delay time will flash. • Additional laundry may be loaded / taken out during the End Time period. At the end of the End Time countdown process, End Time symbol disappears, drying process starts and the programme duration is displayed. Dryer / User Manual 21 / EN Operating the product C If loading door is opened and closed during the End Time duration, the programme will switch to pause mode. End Time function should be resumed with pressing Start/Pause button. Draining the water tank When the programme is completed, a warning symbol will appear continously to remind that the water tank needs to be drained. If the water tank becomes full while the programme is running, the warning symbol will start to flash and the dryer will pause. Drain the water in the water tank and press Start / Pause button to resume the programme. [. . . ] >>> Make sure that the programme is selected and the machine is not in Pause mode. >>> Deactivate the Childproof Lock. Filter drawer may be blocked>>>clean the foam inside the filter drawer. Programme is interrupted without any cause. >>> Press Start / Pause / Cancel button to start the programme. >>> Check the garment tag and select a programme suitable for the fabric type. [. . . ]


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