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[. . . ] FT41DXE en it pt nl fr sv da es ru de Instruction Manual Manuale di istruzioni Gebruiksaanwijzing Notice d'Utilisation Bruksanvisning Brugsvejledning Manual de instrucciones Bedienungsanleitung Please read this manual first!Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been produced in modern plants and checked under the most meticulous quality control procedures, will provide you an effective service. For this, we recommend you to carefully read the entire manual of your product before using it and keep it at hand for future references. This manual • Will help you use your appliance in a fast and safe way. [. . . ] If the Multi Zone Storage Compartment is set as a Freezer, then the temperature of the Multi Zone Storage Compartment will change as -18, -19, -20, -21, -22, -23 -24, -18. . . If the Multi Zone Compartment is set as a Fridge, then the temperature of the Multi Zone Compartment will change as 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 0, -6, . . . Fridge Compartment Setting Button This function allows you to make the fridge compartment temperature setting. Press this button to set the temperature of the fridge compartment to 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, respectively. Error Status Indicator If your refrigerator does not cool adequately or if there is a sensor failure, this indicator will be activated. When this indicator is active, Freezer Compartment Temperature indicator will display "E" and Fridge Compartment Temperature Indicator will display numbers such as "1, 2, 3…". These numbers on the indicator provide information about the error to the service personnel. When you place hot food into the freezer compartment or if you leave the door open for a long time, exclamation mark can illuminate for some time. This is not a failure; this warning will disappear when the food cools down. Key Lock Indicator Use this function if you do not want your refrigerator temperature setting changed. To activate this function, you should press and hold Fast Freeze and Quick Fridge buttons together for 3 seconds. Eco Extra Function Indicator It indicates that the Eco-Extra function is active. If this function is active, your refrigerator will automatically detect the least usage periods and energy-efficient cooling will be performed during those times. Economy indicator will be active while energy-efficient cooling is performed. Eco Extra/Vacation Button Press this button briefly to activate the Eco Extra function. Vacation Function Indicator Indicates that the vacation function is active. If this function is active, "- -" appears on the temperature indicator of the fridge compartment and no cooling is performed in the fridge compartment. Other compartments will be cooled in accordance with the temperature set for them. Press the relevant button again to deactivate this function. 14 EN 9. Economy Mode Indicator Indicates that the refrigerator is running in energy-efficient mode. Freezer Compartment temperature This indicator will be active if the function is set to -18 or the energy efficient cooling is being performed due to Eco-Extra function. Quick Fridge Indicator This icon flashes in an animated style when the Quick Fridge function is active. Quick Fridge Function When you press the Quick Fridge button, the temperature of the compartment will be colder than the adjusted values. [. . . ] • Door seal of the fridge or freezer may be soiled, worn out, broken or not properly seated. Damaged/broken seal causes the refrigerator to run for a longer period of time in order to maintain the current temperature. Freezer temperature is very low while the fridge temperature is sufficient. • The freezer temperature is adjusted to a very low temperature. [. . . ]


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