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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · Clean the appliance, and be thorough, especially in the interior (See Cleaning and Maintenance). · In case the interior accessories are not correctly placed, rearrange them as described in chapter "Description of the Appliance". Instructions for Use These instructions for use are intended for the user. They were prepared for various types/models of appliances therefore you may find in it description of some functions and accesories that your appliance does not have. We Care for the Environment · Our products use environmentally friendly packaging, which can be either recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. · These instructions are printed either on recycled paper or chlorine free bleached paper. [. . . ] The connection to the mains supply and earthing have to be made according to current standards and regulations. The appliance resists temporary voltage tolerance up to -15 to +10 %. 68 Instructions for Use Description of the Appliance Refrigerator (A) Refrigerator is used for storing fresh foods for few days. Freezer (B) Freezer is used for freezing fresh foods and for storing already frozen foods. Shelf (1) Shelf can be optionally placed on the guides inside the appliance. If you want to remove it, slightly lift up the back part and pull it out. the coldest part of the shelves. Instructions for Use 69 Bottle rack (only some models have it) Bottle rack (number depends on model) is intended for storing the bottles. There are two installation positions available (horisontal or lifted in the font) thus enabling the positioning of bottles on the stopper as well. If you want to extract it, lift its rear part and pull towards yourself. When storing longer bottles, install the rack on higher position not disturbing the closing of the door inner liner (vessels, bottles or food stored in the door), however its positioning on guides in the appliance is optional. Defrost Water Outlet (2) The interior of the refrigerator is cooled with cooling plate incorporated in the rear wall. Regularly check the defrost water outlet and the channel, because they should never be clogged (as for example with food rests). If clogged, use a plastic straw and clean it. Fruit and Vegetable Container (3) The container is on the bottom under the glass shelf and is used mainly for storing fruits and vegetables. It provides adequate humidity which has favourable effect on food stored (less dehydration). Door Liner The door liner consists of various shelves or holders used for storing eggs, cheese, butter and yogurt as well as other smaller packages, tubes, cans etc. The lower shelf is used for storing bottles. Illumination in the Interior of the Refrigerator The light for illuminating the interior of the appliance is on, when the door is opened. - The packaging should be air tight and shouldn't leak since this could cause substantial vitamin loss and dehydration of foods. - Foils and bags should be soft enough to tightly wrap around the foods. · Mark packages with following data: kind and amount of foods and the date of loading. · It is most important that the food is frozen as quickly as possible. When shopping, be careful and choose only adequately packed foods provided with complete data and stored in freezers where the temperature is not higher than -18°C. Be careful that packages don't start to thaw, as the temperature raise reduces the quality of foods. 74 Instructions for Use Approximate Storage Time for Frozen Foods Food 1 Vegetable Fruit Braed, Pastries Milk Redy-made meals Meat: Beef Veal Pork Poultry Game Minced meat Smoked sausages Fish: lean fat Offal 2 3 Storage time (in months) 4 5 6 7 8 + 9 + 10 + + 11 + 12 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Defrosting Frozen Food Partially thawed or defrosted foods should be used as soon as possible. Cold air preserves the food but it does not destroy microorganisms which rapidly activate after defrosting and make foods perishable. Partial defrosting reduces the nutritional value of foods, especially of fruits, vegetables and ready-made meals. Ice Making Recommended thermostat setting for ice making is position between 4 and 7. Fill the ice cube tray (two thirds of it) with cold water or with any liquid suitable for freezing and insert the tray on the bottom of the freezer. The best method to get ice cubes out of the tray is to hold the tray under cold tap water for a second, turn it around and slightly bend it. Instructions for Use 75 Changing the Direction of Opening the Door If you find the direction of opening the door on your appliance inconvenient, you can change it. Holes on the opposite side have already been prepared in the factory and are now plugged. [. . . ] · Leave the door open for a while so that you can easy scrape off the frost. Use the plastic scraper but be careful not to damage the inner surfaces of the freezer. · Avoid using defrosting sprays, as they may cause damage to the plastic parts and may be hazardous to health. Cleaning the Appliance Disconnect the power supply before cleaning the appliance. Do not use coarse or aggressive cleaning agents as you can damage the surface. [. . . ]


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