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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Useful hints are provided on how to use pans and cooking utensils, on correct guide positions and control settings. The text is easy to understand and completed with pictures and some of the most commonly used pictograms. By reading this manual carefully, you will find all the answers to your oven operation queries. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER: these are intended for the qualified technician who must install the appliance, set it functioning and carry out an inspection test. [. . . ] Avoid exerting too much pressure on the oven door when open. 2. 4 Connecting the cook top to the oven Once installed, the cook top must be connected to the oven. Mount the oven allowing enough room for the following operations to be made. · Connect the earth wire (yellow-green) of the cook top to the earth terminal A of the oven (see figure). · Fit the cook top connectors into the appropriate sockets in the top cover of the oven. Make sure that the colours and symbols of the connectors match those of the oven sockets. · If the cook top is equipped with a connector for the residual heat indicator, same must be fitted into the free socket on the right side. The oven can now be fully mounted into the cabinet; make sure that the power cable is properly routed and does not come into contact with parts which may become hot during operation. 9 Instructions for the user 3. DESCRIPTION OF CONTROLS 3. 1 Front control panel All the oven controls are grouped together on the front panel. MODEL: JRS 30 MODEL: JRS 31 MODEL: JRP 30 DOOR LOCK INDICATOR LIGHT When this light comes on during automatic cleaning (pyrolysis), the door lock device is operative. THERMOSTAT INDICATOR LIGHT When this light comes on, the oven is heating up. When this light goes out, the preset heating temperature has been reached. After programming the minute-counter, the display will show the right time. to display remaining time, press key . Wrong settings are prevented logically (e. g. , any conflict between end of cooking time and a longer time will not be accepted by the programmer). 14 Instructions for the user 3. 2. 8 Cancellation of set data Once the programme has been set, keep the key of the function to be cancelled pressed, while at the same time is reached by means of variation keys or . Time cancellation will be considered as end-of-cooking time by the programmer. Rotisserie frame: to be mounted in the oven guides before fitting the spit. Rotisserie: suitable for cooking whole chickens, sausages and any other food requiring even cooking on all surfaces. Roof liner/Grill guard: removing this simplifies cleaning procedures inside the oven. Chromium-plated tubular gripper for removing hot racks and plates from the oven. Accessories available on request Original accessories may be ordered from any Authorised Service Centre. 17 Instructions for the user 6. COOKING HINTS In fan-assisted mode preheating should be carried out at 30/40°C above the cooking temperature. This considerably shortens cooking times and reduces power consumption, as well as giving better cooking results. 6. 1 Traditional cooking FUNCTION SWITCH THERMOSTAT SWITCH 50 ÷ 250°C This traditional cooking method, in which heat comes from above and below, is suitable for cooking food on a single level. Place the food in the oven only after the thermostat indicator light has turned off. [. . . ] In the case of persistent dirt, wash with damp sponge and regular detergent. 7. 3 Outer oven structure Wash with water and regular detergent. 7. 4 Enamelled parts Wait for the oven to cool, take out all the removable parts and proceed to wash with water and regular detergent. Dry and replace components. For cleaning enamelled parts, never use abrasive products, metal wire sponges or sharp objects so as not to damage the surface. Remove any dried remains of food on surfaces with a wooden or plastic utensil. 24 Instructions for the user 7. 5 Cleaning of the oven For best oven upkeep clean regularly after having allowed to cool. Take out all removable parts. · · Clean the oven grill and side guides with hot water and non-abrasive detergent. [. . . ]


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