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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL GUIDE FOR USING THE DISHWASHER AND THE WASHING PROGRAMS Contents 1. 2. Description of the controls________________________________16 Troubleshooting _______________________________________25 Thank you for choosing one of our products. You are advised to read this manual carefully; it contains all the information you need about the right conditions for the proper, safe use of your dishwasher. The individual sections are laid out to provide you with a step-by-step guide to all your appliance's functions; the texts are easy to understand and are complete with detailed illustrations. [. . . ] In dishwashers equipped with the ACQUASTOP device, the filters is already fitted inside the threaded ring. The dishwasher can also be connected to a hot water supply not exceeding 60C. Supplying the appliance with hot water cuts down the washing time by approximately 20 minutes, but slightly reduces its effectiveness. Make the connection to the domestic hot water supply using the same procedure described for connecting to the cold water supply. DRAIN CONNECTION Insert the dishwasher's drain hose into a drain pipe having a diameter of at least 4 cm, or alternatively, place it inside the kitchen sink using the plastic support provided, taking care not to crush or excessively bend the hose. For this purpose, the plastic support is equipped with a hole for tying it to the wall or water tap. The free end should be positioned at a height of between 30 and 100 cm, and should never be submerged in water. If a horizontal drain extension hose is used (for a maximum of 3 m) the drain hose can be placed at a maximum height of 85 cm from the ground. 2. 2 Electrical connection Plug the power cord into a suitable electrical outlet, according to the instructions given in chapter "1. Operating instructions Once the dishwasher has been correctly installed, prepare for use as follows: Adjust the water softening system; Add the regenerating salt; Add the rinse aid and detergent. 3. 1 Using the water softening system The amount of scale contained in the water (water hardness index) can cause whitish staining on the dry dishes, which tend to become dull over time. The dishwasher is equipped with an automatic softening system which uses a special regenerating salt to reduce the hardness of the water. The dishwasher is factory set for water hardness level 3 (average hardness 41-60dF 24-31dH). SALT When using water of medium hardness, the regenerating salt container should be refilled after approximately 20 washing cycles. In these models, the cap of the salt container contains a green float which descends as the salt concentration in the water drops. When the green float can no longer be seen through the transparent cap, the container must be topped up with regenerating salt. After removing the lower basket, unscrew the salt container cap by turning it anticlockwise and pour in the salt using the funnel supplied with the dishwasher. Before replacing the cap, remove any salt residues from around the opening. When using the dishwasher for the first time, in addition to the salt it is also necessary to add one litre of water to the container. Each time the salt container is refilled, make sure that the cap is securely closed. The mixture of water and detergent must never penetrate the salt container, as this would compromise the operation of the regeneration system. Only use regenerating salt specially formulated for domestic dishwashers. If using salt tablets, do not fill the container completely. User instructions Do not use table salt as it contains insoluble substances which, over time, may damage the water softening system. When necessary, refill the regenerating salt container before starting the washing program. In this way, the excess saline solution will be immediately removed by the water; the prolonged presence of salt water inside the tank may lead to corrosion. Be careful not to confuse the salt and detergent packages; adding detergent to the salt container will damage the water softening system. 3. 2 Using the rinse aid and detergent dispensers The detergent and rinse aid dispensers are situated on the inner part of the door: the detergent dispenser is on the left, and the rinse aid dispenser is on the right. With the exception of the SOAK program, before every washing cycle it is necessary to add the required amount of detergent to the detergent dispenser. [. . . ] check that the cap of the salt container is securely closed, and that the water softening setting is correct. If after following the above troubleshooting instructions the problem persists, call the nearest After-Sales Centre. WARNING: any operations performed on the appliance by unauthorised persons are not covered by the warranty and shall be paid for by the user. User instructions TECHNICAL DATA Width Depth measured flush with the outer edge of the control panel Height (depending on models) Capacity Water supply pressure Electrical characteristics 597 599 mm Free standing: 600 mm Semi-integrated: 590 mm - Fully integrated: 570 mm Free standing: from 850 mm to 870 mm from 890 mm to 910 mm Semi-integrated and fully integrated: from 820 mm to 870 mm from 860 mm to 910 mm 14 Standard place settings min. 9 bar) See rating plate 115 125 135 145 155 Misurarel'altezzadelpannellocomandi;farecoinciderel'indicerelativo a talevaloreconilprofilosuperiored ellaporta inlegno;tracciare ilposizionamentodegliagganciporta. Measurethe height ofthecontrolpanel;bringthemarkrelatingtothisvalueintolinewiththetopedgeofthewoodendoor;markthepositionsofthedoorconnections. [. . . ]


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