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[. . . ] It must be kept in its entirety and in an accessible place for the whole working life of the appliance. We recommend reading this manual and all information it contains carefully before using the appliance. Installation must be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with the standards in force. This appliance is intended for domestic use and conforms to the EC directives currently in force. [. . . ] Always check that the control knobs are in the O (off) position when you finish using the hob. If the burners should go out accidentally, after about 20 seconds a safety device will be tripped, cutting off the gas supply, even if the gas tap is open. Turn off the control knob and wait at least 1 minute before trying to re-light the burner. 9 Instructions for the user 4. 2 Practical tips for using the burners For better burner efficiency and to minimise gas consumption, use pans with a flat, smooth base and a lid that have a suitable size for the burner, thus preventing the flames reaching the sides of the pan (see point “4. 3 Cookware diameters”). Once the contents come to the boil, turn down the flame far enough to prevent the liquid from boiling over. To prevent burns or damage to the hob during cooking, all cookware must be placed inside the perimeter of the hob. Take the greatest care when using fats or oils since they may catch fire if overheated. 4. 3 Cookware diameters HOB BURNERS min and max Ø (in cm) 1 Auxiliary 2 Semi-rapid 3 UR2 12-16 18-24 22-26 1 3 2 1 2 3 4. 3. 1 Cookware diameters with raised pan stand HOB BURNERS min and max Ø (in cm) 1 2 2 3 1 3 1 Auxiliary 2 Semi-rapid 3 UR2 16-26 24-28 26-34 10 Instructions for the user 5. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before performing any operations requiring access to powered parts, disconnect the appliance from the power supply. NEVER USE A JET OF STEAM TO CLEAN THE APPLIANCE. WARNING: For your safety, before performing any cleaning or extraordinary maintenance, it is recommended to use protective gloves. 5. 1 Cleaning stainless steel To keep stainless steel in good condition it should be cleaned regularly after use. 5. 1. 1 Ordinary daily cleaning To clean and preserve stainless steel surfaces, use only specific products that do not contain abrasives or chlorine-based acids. How to use: pour the product onto a damp cloth and wipe the surface, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or chamois leather. 5. 1. 2 Food stains or residues Do not use metallic sponges or sharp scrapers as they will damage the surface. Use ordinary non-abrasive products for steel, with the aid of wooden or plastic utensils if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or chamois leather. 5. 2 Cleaning the cooking hob parts For easier cleaning the pan stands, burner caps, flame spreader crowns and burners can all be removed; wash them with warm water and non-abrasive detergent making sure to remove any encrustation, then wait until they are perfectly dry. Replace the burner caps on their corresponding crowns as indicated in “4. 1 Lighting the hob burners”. For correct operation the igniters and thermocouples must always be perfectly clean. Remove any dry residues with a wooden toothpick or a needle. 11 Instructions for the installer 6. POSITIONING IN THE COUNTER TOP The following operation requires building and/or carpentry work and must therefore be carried out by a competent tradesman. Installation can be carried out on various materials such as masonry, metal, solid wood or plastic laminated wood as long as they are heat resistant (T 90°C). 6. 1 Fixing to the traditional built-in model support structure 1 51 86 Create an opening with the dimensions shown in the figure in the top surface of the counter, keeping a minimum distance of 50 mm from the rear edge. This appliance can be mounted against walls higher than the worktop on condition that a distance of "1" be kept between the appliance and the wall as shown in the figure so as to avoid damage from overheating. Make sure that there is a minimum distance of 750 mm between the stoves and any shelf that may be installed directly above it. Carefully position the supplied insulating seal “2” on the outer perimeter of the hole made in the counter top as shown in the figure below, trying to make it stick on the entire surface by applying light pressure on it with your hands. Where the cooking appliance is fitted with a ‘splashback’, protection of the rear wall is not required. [. . . ] 10 Replace the burners in the correct position. The nozzles for using city gas (G110 – 8 mbar) are available from authorised service centres. 20 Instructions for the installer 7. 2 Burner Burner and nozzle characteristics table ULPG – 2. 75 kPa Nominal gas Consumption (MJ/h) 3. 9 6. 3 15. 2 Injector (mm) 0. 54 0. 68 0. 94 + 0. 46 Auxiliary (1) Semi-rapid (2) UR2 (3) Burner Nominal gas Consumption (MJ/h) 3. 9 7. 5 15. 2 NG – 1. 0 kPa Injector (mm) 0. 90 1. 20 1. 65 + 0. 80 Auxiliary (1) Semi-rapid (2) UR2 (3) 7. 3 Arrangement of the burners on the hob BURNERS 1 Auxiliary 2 Semi-rapid 3 UR2 1 3 2 1 2 3 21 Instructions for the installer 8. FINAL OPERATIONS After making the adjustments described above, reassemble the appliance by following in reverse the instructions reported in paragraph "7. 1 Replacement of the cooking hob nozzles". After adjustment with a gas other than the preset one, replace the label on the casing of the appliance with the label corresponding to the new gas. This label can be obtained from the nearest Authorised Service Centre. 8. 1 Adjusting the minimum for town and natural gas Light the burner and turn it to the minimum position. [. . . ]


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