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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] USERS ARE ADVISED TO READ THIS MANUAL AND ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS IT CONTAINS BEFORE USING THE HOB. INSTALLATION MUST BE CARRIED OUT BY QUALIFIED STAFF IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE RELEVANT REGULATIONS. THIS APPLIANCE IS INTENDED FOR HOUSEHOLD USE AND COMPLIES WITH THE EEC DIRECTIVES CURRENTLY IN FORCE. THE APPLIANCE IS BUILT TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING FUNCTION: COOKING AND HEATING FOODS; ALL OTHER USES ARE TO BE CONSIDERED IMPROPER. [. . . ] Use only a type H05V2V2-F or similar cable resistant to a temperature of up to 90°C. The cable must be replaced by a qualified electrician, who must make the mains connection as shown below. L = brown N = blue = yellow-green The power supply lead must be replaced by an authorised service centre to prevent all risks. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for injury or damage caused by failure to comply with the above regulations or deriving from tampering with even just one part of the appliance. 23 Instructions for the Installer 4. Gas connection If the appliance is installed above an oven, the gas hose must be passed around the back of the oven to prevent overheating. The connection to the gas mains may be made using a copper pipe or a continuous-wall steel hose in accordance with the relevant regulations. To simplify connection, the horizontal position of the fitting A on the back of the appliance is adjustable. Undo the hexagonal nut B, turn the fitting A into the required position and re-tighten the hexagonal nut B (it has a rubber gasket to ensure it provides an effective seal). When installation is complete, check for any leaks with a soapy solution, never with a naked light. The appliance is tested with G20 (2H) natural gas at the pressure of 20 mbar. The gas intake connection has an external ½” gas thread (ISO 228-1). Connection with copper pipe: The connection to the gas supply mains must be made so that no stresses or strains of any kind are applied to the appliance. The connection can be made using the adapter unit D with two conical elements, always fitting the gasket C supplied. Connection with steel hose: use only continuous-wall stainless steel hoses compliant with the relevant regulations, and always fit the gasket C supplied between the fitting A and the hose E. When connecting with a hose, ensure that the total length of the pipeline is not more than 2 metres; also ensure that the hoses do not touch moving parts and are not crushed. 4. 1 Bottled gas connection Use a pressure regulator and make the connection to the gas cylinder in accordance with the relevant regulations. Make sure that the gas supply pressure is as stated in the table in point "5. 2 Adjusting for bottled gas". 4. 2 Room ventilation The appliance may only be installed in a permanently ventilated room as specified by the relevant regulations. The air flow into the room where the appliance is installed must be sufficient for proper gas combustion and room ventilation. The air intakes, protected by gratings, must be of suitable size (see relevant regulations) and located so that they cannot be even partially obstructed. The kitchen must be kept properly ventilated to disperse the heat and humidity produced by cooking processes: in particular, a window should be opened or the speed of any fans increased after prolonged use. 4. 3 Combustion gas discharge Combustion gases must be discharged by means of hoods connected to a flue with reliable natural draught, or a fan extraction system. When replacing the cover plates, check that the seals are fitted correctly. Fit the pan stands as described in point 7. 1Fitting the pan stands. 5. 6 Adjusting the minimum setting for natural ga Reassemble the components on the burner and fit the knobs onto the tap rods. Light the burner and turn it to the minimum Remove the knob again and adjust the regulator screw inside or beside the tap rod (depending on the model) until an even minimum flame is obtained. Put the knob back in place and check the stability of the burner flame (the flame must not go out when the knob is turned quickly from the maximum to the minimum setting). 5. 7 Adjusting the minimum for bottled gas To adjust the minimum level when using bottled gas, the adjuster screw inside or beside the tap rod must be turned fully clockwise (depending on the models). The diameters of the bypasses for each individual burner are stated in point “5. 2 Adjusting for bottled gas". [. . . ] 8. 2. 2 Rings and encrustations Use stainless steel cream or mildly abrasive creams; leave the product to act for a few minutes, then wipe away with a microfibre cloth. 8. 2. 3 Stubborn encrustations If using the microfibre cloth is not enough, a brass wire sponge can be used together with stainless steel cream or standard abrasive creams available in shops. To avoid encrustations which are difficult to remove, you are advised to clean the hob every time you finish cooking. 8. 3 Cleaning the components Never clean the knobs with aggressive products containing alcohol or steel or glass cleaners, since they might cause permanent damage. NEVER REMOVE THE FIXING COVER PLATES TO CLEAN THE HOB. The components described below must never be washed in a dishwasher. 8. 3. 1 The knobs The knobs must be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and dried thoroughly. [. . . ]


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