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[. . . ] Remember that this User Manual is also applicable for several other models. Explanation of symbols Throughout this User Manual the following symbols are used: A B Important safety information. Important information or useful hints about usage. C This appliance’s packaging material is recyclable. Help recycle it and protect the environment by dropping it off in the municipal receptacles provided for this purpose. It is marked with this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste. [. . . ] • Ventilate the room, where the dryer is located, well during drying. • For power saving in models with lamps, at times when your dryer is not in use, keep the door closed if the On/Off button is pressed (if the dryer is energized). A B C D Low l n m o p q Laundry unsuitable for drying in the machine • Laundry items with metal attachments such as belt Laundry suitable for drying in the machine C Always follow the suggestions on the laundry labels. Dry only the laundry having a label stating that they are suitable for drying in a dryer and make sure that you select the appropriate programme. buckles and metal buttons can damage your dryer. • Do not dry items such as woollens, silk garments and nylon stockings, delicate embroidered fabrics, laundry with metal accessories and items such as sleeping bags in the dryer. • Laundry made of delicate and valuable fabrics as well as lace curtains can be creased. • Do not dry items made of hermetic fibres such as pillows and quilts in the dryer. • Do not dry laundry exposed to petroleum, oil, combustible or explosive agents in the dryer even if they are washed beforehand. • Overly wet laundry or laundry with dripping water must not be put into the dryer. • Items cleaned or washed with gasoil/fuel oil, drylaundry solvents and other combustible or explosive materials as well as the items that are contaminated or spotted with such materials should not be dried in the product since they emit flammable or explosive vapor. • Do not dry items cleaned with industrial chemicals in the dryer. • Items soiled with cooking oils, acetone, alcohol, fuel oil, kerosene, stain remover, turpentine, paraffin and paraffin removers must be washed in hot water with plenty of detergent before being dried in the dryer. 8 EN • Garments or pillows bolstered with rubber foam (latex foam), shower bonnets, water resistant textiles, materials with rubber reinforcement and rubber foam pads should not be dried in the dryer. • Do not use fabric softeners and anti-static products unless they are recommended by the manufacturers of the fabric softener or the product. •Synthetics You can dry your less durable laundry with this programme. It is recommended for your synthetic laundry (such as shirts, blouses, synthetic/ cotton blended laundry, etc. ). Special programmes For special cases, there are also extra programmes available: C Additional programmes may differ according to the model of your machine. •Quick 35 min You can use this programme to dry your cotton laundry that you have spun at high speeds in your washing machine. This program dries 2 kg cotton laundry (2 Shirts / 5 T-shirts) in 35 minutes. C To obtain better results from your dryer, your laundry must be washed at suitable programmes and spun at the recommended spin speeds in the washing machine. •Shirts This programme dries the shirts more sensitively and creases them less and thus, helps to iron them more easily. C There may be a little humidity on your shirts at the end of the programme. •Jeans You can use this programme to dry your jeans that you have spun at high speeds in your washing machine. •Mix Used to dry synthetic and cotton laundry that do not release colour. •Sport Used to dry the laundry that are made of synthetic, cotton or mixed fabrics and have a tag indicating that they are suitable for drying. •Wool Finish You can use this function to ventilate and soften your woolen laundry that can be washed in the washing machine. Take out your laundry and ventilate them immediately after the program is over. [. . . ] The door can be opened and the machine becomes ready for a second cycle. C When selected, the 2-hour anti creasing programme will be activated to prevent laundry from creasing if you do not take the laundry out after the programme has come to an end. C Drain the water tank after each drying (please see, Water tank) C Child-proof lock will also be deactivated when the machine is restarted by pressing the on/off button. When the child-proof lock is activated: • Display icons will not change even if the position of programme selection knob is changed while the machine is running or in halt. [. . . ]


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