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[. . . ] • Never rest metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids on the appliance during use. • Never try to put out a fire or flames with water: Turn off the appliance and smother the flames with a fire blanket or other appropriate cover. • Have qualified personnel carry out installation and assistance interventions according to the standards in force. • Do not insert pointed metal 4 • • objects (cutlery or utensils) into the slots in the appliance. [. . . ] It can be used to store cookware or metallic objects necessary when using the appliance. 3. 6 Using the oven Switching the oven on To switch the oven on: 1. Functions list Static As the heat comes from above and below at the same time, this system is particularly suitable for certain types of food. Traditional cooking, also known as static cooking, is suitable for cooking just one dish at a time. Perfect for all types of roasts, bread and cakes and in any case particularly suitable for fatty meats such as goose and duck. Small grill Using only the heat released from the central element, this function enables small portions of meat and fish to be grilled for making kebabs, toasted sandwiches and all types of grilled vegetable side dishes. Fan-assisted static The operation of the fan, combined with traditional cooking, ensures uniform cooking even with complex recipes. Perfect for biscuits and cakes, even when simultaneously cooked on several levels. (For multiple-level cooking, we recommend using the 2nd and 4th shelves. ) Fan-assisted grill The air produced by the fan softens the strong heatwave generated by the grill, grilling perfectly even very thick foods. shin of pork). 17 EN 3. 5 Using the storage compartment Grill The heat coming from the grill element gives perfect grilling results above all for thin and medium thickness meat and in combination with the rotisserie (where fitted) gives the food an even browning at the end of cooking. This function enables large quantities of food, particularly meat, to be grilled evenly. Use Fan-assisted bottom The combination of the fan with just the lower heating element allows cooking to be completed more rapidly. This system is recommended for sterilising or for finishing off the cooking of foods which are already well-cooked on the surface, but not inside, which therefore need a little more heat. In pyrolytic models, the special defrosting and proving functions are brought together under the same function. • For successful proving, a container of water should be placed in the bottom of the oven. To save energy • Stop cooking a few minutes before the time normally used. Cooking will continue for the remaining minutes with the heat which has accumulated inside the oven. • Reduce any opening of the door to a minimum to avoid heat dispersal. • Keep the inside of the appliance clean at all times. 3. 8 Programmer clock 1 Timer key 2 Cooking time key 3 End of cooking key 4 Value decrease key 5 Value increase key The programmer clock controls exclusively the multifunction oven and has not any control on the other ovens. Please make sure the programmer clock shows the cooking duration symbol , otherwise the oven will not switch on. Press keys and at the same time to reset the programmer clock. 20 Use EN Setting the time If the time is not set, the oven will not switch on. On the first use, or after a power failure, the digits will be flashing on the appliance's display. The time can be set using key or Hold down the key to increase or decrease rapidly. On the display, symbol turns off, symbol flashes and the buzzer sounds. To reset the set program, press keys and at the same time and switch off the oven manually. [. . . ] Slide out and remove the lamp. Do not touch the halogen lamp directly with your fingers, but wrap it in an insulating material. Replace the cover correctly, so that the moulded part of the glass is facing the door. Press the cover completely down so that it attaches perfectly to the bulb support. 4. 8 Extraordinary maintenance Live parts Danger of electrocution • Disconnect the oven power supply. Remove the racks/trays support frames. 30 Installation EN 31 5 Installation 5. 1 Electrical connection Power voltage Danger of electrocution • Have the electrical connection performed by authorised technical personnel. [. . . ]


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