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[. . . ] Introduction Entry The model and serial numbers are found on the inner case or back of refrigerator compartment of this unit. You should record requested information here and retain this guide as a permanent record of your purchase. Staple your receipt here. Date of purchase Dealer purchased from Dealer address Dealer phone no. : : : : : : Important safety instruction Before it is used, this refrigerator must be properly installed and located in accordance with the installation instructions in this document. [. . . ] Inner lamp is lit in refrigerator compartment when the refreshment center door opens. Thus it is easy to identify the contents. Use the refreshment center door as a stand Never use the refreshment center door as a chopping board and take care not to damage it with sharp tools. Never rest your arms or severely press on it. Never take out the inner refreshment center cover The refreshmentcenter can not function function The refreshment center can normally without the cover. Only models with inner refreshment center cover Never place heavy items on the refreshment center door or allow children to hang it on. Not only can the refreshment center door may be damaged, but also children may be hurt. 18 Operation Shelf (Applicable to some models only) Folding Shelf You can store taller items such as a gallon container or bottles by simply pushing in front half of shelf underneath back half of shelf. Pull toward you to return to a full shelf. Wine holder (Applicable to some models only) Wine holder adjustment (Type 1) Bottles can be stored laterally with this wine corner. This can be attached to any shelf. In case of inserting the wine holder : Pull the wine holder downward as in after inserting it into the side anchoring part of the shelf as in by catching it upward as in . In case of separating the wine holder : Pull the wine holder inward as in ➃ after holding it upward as in ➂ by catching it.  !" (Type 2) Bottles can be stored laterally with this wine rack. Egg box NOTE Never use the egg box as an ice storage bin. • Never store the egg box in the freezer compartment or fresh compartment. • 19 Operation Humidity control in the vegetable compartment The humidity can be controlled by adjusting the humidity control switch to the left/right when storing vegetables or fruits. High humidity HIGH HUMIDITY CONTROL LOW LOW HIGH Low humidity HIGH HUMIDITY CONTROL LOW H IGH LO W Convert into a vegetable or meat compartment (Applicable to some models only) The bottom drawer in the refrigerator can be converted into a vegetable or meat compartment The meat compartment maintains the temperature at a lower point than the refrigerator compartment so that meat or fish can be stored fresh longer. NOTE Vegetables or fruits are frozen if the conversion switch is set to meats compartment. So, be sure to check it before storing foods. • Deodorizer (Applicable to some models only) This system efficiently absorbs strong odors by using the optical catalyst. This system does hot have any affect on stored food. How to use the deodorizing system 20 Since it is installed already installed onto the cool air intake duct from the from the refrigerator compartment, you need no separate installation. Otherwise, this oder can be absorbed by other food in the compartment. Suggestion on food storage Location of foods (Refer to identification of parts) Wine holder Snack drawer Freezer compartment shelf Freezer compartment door rack Store wine. Store various frozen foods such as meat, fish, ice cream, frozen snacks, etc. . Store dry. Freezer compartment drawer Milk product corner Egg box Refreshment center Refrigerator compartment shelf Refrigerator compartment door rack Vegetable drawer Store milk products such as butter, cheese, etc. . Store side dishes or other foods at a proper distance. Store small packed food or beverages such as milk, juice, beer, etc. . Store vegetables or fruits. Vegetable drawer /meat drawer conversion corner Store vegetable, fruits, meat to thaw, raw fish, etc. . Be sure to check the conversion switch setting before storing foods. 22 Suggestion on food storage Storing foods Store fresh food in the refrigerator compartment. How food is frozen and thawed is an important factor in maintaining its freshness and flavor. Do not store food which goes bad easily at low temperatures, such as bananas, and melons. Allow hot food to cool prior to storing, placing hot food in the refrigerator could spoil other food, and lead to higher energy consumption. When storing the food, cover it with vinyl wrap or store in a container with a lid. This prevents moisture from evaporating, and helps food to keep its taste and nutrients. [. . . ] Move refrigerator so that it does not touch the wall or refrigerator. Refrigerator is touching wall or cabinets. Water/Moisture /Ice inside refrigerator Moisture collects on the inside walls of the refrigerator. The weather is hot and humid which increases the rate of frost buildup and internal sweating. Open the door less often. Door is opened too often or too long. Water/Moisture /Ice outside refrigerator Moisture forms on the outside of the refrigerator or between doors. Weather is humid. This time, close the door completely. Door is slightly open, causing cold air from the inside the refrigerator to meet warm air from the outside. 29 Care and maintenance Occurrence Possible cause Solution Odors in refrigerator Interior needs to be cleaned. Use a different container or brand of wrapping materials. Food with strong odor is in the refrigerator. [. . . ]


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