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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Recommendations are given for the correct use of the baskets, spray arms, containers, filters, washing programs, and for operating the controls. Following the cleaning instructions provided here will keep your dishwasher's performance at peak levels in the long term. This user-friendly manual will provide answers to all your questions about use of the dishwasher. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: these are intended for the qualified technician who must carry out the installation, hook-up and testing of the appliance. USER INSTRUCTIONS: these consist of recommendations for using the appliance, a description of its controls and of the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures. 1 User instructions 1. [. . . ] In this case, two lines in the control panel graphics link the symbol of the additional option to the two buttons to be pressed simultaneously to enable it. “Flexi Tabs” in this illustration) 18 User instructions Flexi Tabs Specifically for washing with combination detergents in tablets, which also contain salt and rinse aid or other agents such as glass protector, steel rinse aids, etc. When this option is selected, salt and rinse aid will not be dispensed even if the relative compartments contain them. If the option is not provided, we recommend the use of conventional products (separate detergent, salt and rinse aid), because with conventional washing cycles, combined products might create problems such as a white deposit, poor drying results and residues left on dishes. With short programs, because there is less time for them to dissolve, tablets may fail to wash effectively and undissolved residues may be left. N. B. : When the salt and rinse aid containers are empty, the relative lights will remain on even if the “Flexi Tabs” option is selected. IMPORTANT: when no longer required, the option must be deactivated by pressing the relative button (the light goes out). If the water hardness has been set on a value above H3, and the “Flexi Tabs” option is activated, the relative light flashes, warning of a setting error. Multi-function products are not suitable for use with very "hard" water; this does not prevent the use of the option, but the washing results might not be of the best. ULTRA CLEAN The "ULTRA CLEAN" program prolongs the final hot rinse to ensure a further reduction in the bacteria level. If the temperature in the tank falls during this stage of the program (e. g. because the door is opened or due to a power blackout), the light of the option and the program lights (2) flash to warn that the additional washing phase has not been completed successfully. In this state, the dishwasher indicator panel (lights or display depending on model) functions more slowly (switch-on once every 5 seconds). REMOVING THE DISHES At the end of the washing program, wait at least 20 minutes before removing the dishes, to allow them to cool. To ensure that any drops of water left in the top basket cannot drip onto the dishes still in the bottom basket, you are advised always to empty the bottom basket first. Operating instructions Once the dishwasher has been correctly installed, prepare for use as follows:  Adjust the water softening system;  Add the regenerating salt;  Add the rinse aid and detergent. 4. 1 Using the water softening system The amount of scale contained in the water (water hardness index) can cause whitish staining on the dry dishes, which tend to become dull over time. The dishwasher is equipped with an automatic softening system which uses a special regenerating salt to reduce the hardness of the water. The dishwasher is factory set for water hardness level 3 (average hardness). SALT When using water of medium hardness, the regenerating salt container should be refilled after approximately 20 washing cycles. In these models, the cap of the salt container contains a green float which descends as the salt concentration in the water drps. When the green float can no longer be seen through the transparent cap, the container must be topped up with regenerating salt. After removing the lower basket, unscrew the salt container cap by turning it anticlockwise and pour in the salt using the funnel supplied with the dishwasher. Before replacing the cap, remove any salt residues from around the opening.   When using the dishwasher for the first time, in addition to the salt it is also necessary to add one litre of water to the container. [. . . ]  It is essential to thoroughly clean the filters according to the above instructions: the dishwasher cannot function if the filters are clogged.  Carefully replace the filters in their seats, to avoid damaging the wash pump.  Leave the door slightly open, in order to prevent the formation of unpleasant odours inside the washing tank.  Shut off the water supply tap. 38 User instructions BEFORE STARTING THE DISHWASHER AFTER PROLONGED DISUSE:  Check that there are no deposits of sludge or rust inside the water pipe: if there are, allow the water to run from the water supply tap for a few minutes. [. . . ]


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