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[. . . ] 5. Safety and operating instructions __________________________ 2 Installation and hook-up _________________________________ 7 Description of the controls ______________________________ 10 Operating instructions __________________________________ 16 Cleaning and maintenance ______________________________ 23 Troubleshooting ______________________________________ 35 Thank you for choosing one of our products. You are advised to read this manual carefully; it contains all the information you need about the right conditions for the proper, safe use of your dishwasher. The individual sections are laid out to provide you with a step-by-step guide to all your appliance's functions; the texts are easy to understand and are complete with detailed illustrations. Recommendations are given for the correct use of the baskets, spray arms, containers, filters, washing programs, and for operating the controls. [. . . ] The dishwasher is equipped with an automatic softening system which uses a special regenerating salt to reduce the hardness of the water. The dishwasher is factory set for water hardness level 3 (average hardness). SALT When using water of medium hardness, the regenerating salt container should be refilled after approximately 20 washing cycles. After removing the lower basket, unscrew the salt container cap by turning it anticlockwise and pour in the salt using the funnel supplied with the dishwasher. Before replacing the cap, remove any salt residues from around the opening.   When using the dishwasher for the first time, in addition to the salt it is also necessary to add one litre of water to the container. Each time the salt container is refilled, make sure that the cap is securely closed. The mixture of water and detergent must never penetrate the salt container, as this would compromise the operation of the regeneration system. Only use regenerating salt specially formulated for domestic dishwashers. If using salt tablets, do not fill the container completely.  16 User instructions   Do not use table salt as it contains insoluble substances which, over time, may damage the water softening system. When necessary, refill the regenerating salt container before starting the washing program. In this way, the excess saline solution will be immediately removed by the water; the prolonged presence of salt water inside the tank may lead to corrosion. Be careful not to confuse the salt and detergent packages; adding detergent to the salt container will damage the water softening system. ADJUSTING THE WATER SOFTENING SYSTEM The dishwasher is equipped with a device which allows the softener setting to be varied to suit the hardness of the mains water. To access the setting function, hold the button down for more than 15 seconds. The WATER HARDNESS ADJUSTMENT INDICATOR LIGHT flashes, while the SELECTED PROGRAM INDICATOR LIGHTS (6) show the current setting. Each pressure on the button changes the setting following the sequence in the table below: > 17 User instructions WATER HARDNESS TABLE WATER HARDNESS German French degrees (°dH) Degrees (°dF) 0-6 7 - 10 11 - 15 16 - 21 22 - 28 29 - 35 36 - 50 0 - 11 12 - 18 19 - 27 28 - 37 38 - 50 51 - 62 63 - 90 All lights off (no salt) One light on Two lights on Three lights on Four lights on Five lights on Two lights on SETTING Contact your local water board for information on the hardness of your water supply. After adjustment or display of the current setting, simply do not touch the button for a few seconds; the dishwasher will automatically return to standard mode, quitting the adjustment mode. 4. 2 Using the rinse aid and detergent dispensers The detergent and rinse aid dispensers are situated on the inner part of the door: the detergent dispenser is on the left, and the rinse aid dispenser is on the right. With the exception of the SOAK program, before every washing cycle it is necessary to add the required amount of detergent to the detergent dispenser. The rinse aid, on the other hand, should only be added as required. 18 User instructions ADDING THE RINSE AID The rinse aid helps the dishes dry faster and prevents the formation of scale deposits and staining; it is automatically added to the water during the final rinse cycle, from the container situated on the inner side of the door.  Rotate the container cap anticlockwise by ¼ of a turn and remove it.  Add the rinse aid until the container is full (approximately 140 cc). The optical level indicator on the side of the cap should be completely obscured. Refill the rinse aid when the optical level indicator becomes clear again, or when the rinse aid warning light illuminates.  Use a cloth to remove any spillage of rinse aid which might lead to the formation of excess foam. ADJUSTING THE RINSE AID DISPENSER SETTING The dishwasher is factory set for medium water hardness. However it possible to change the setting by turning the dispenser’s selector to the desired position: the amount of rinse aid dispensed is proportional to the selector position. [. . . ] Reconnect the water intake hose and open the tap again.   TROUBLESHOOTING MINOR PROBLEMS In some cases it is possible to remedy minor problems by referring to the following instructions: If the program fails to start, check that:     the dishwasher is connected to the electrical power supply; there is no power failure; the water tap is open; the dishwasher door is properly closed. If water remains inside the dishwasher, check that:    the drain hose is not kinked; the drain siphon is not obstructed; the dishwasher filters are not clogged. If the dishes are not being cleaned properly, check that:        the correct amount of detergent has been added; there is regenerating salt inside the special container; the dishes are being loaded correctly; the selected program is suitable for the dish types and their degree of soiling; all the filters are clean and positioned correctly; the spray arm nozzles are not obstructed; there is no object obstructing the rotation of the spray arms. 33 User instructions If the dishes fail to dry or remain dull, check that:    there is rinse aid inside the special container; the rinse aid dispenser setting is correct; the detergent used is of good quality and has not lost its effectiveness (for example, through incorrect storage, with the box left open). If the dishes show signs of streaking, staining, etc. , check that:  the rinse aid dispenser setting is not too high. If there are visible traces of rust inside the tank:  the tank is made of steel, and therefore any rust marks are due to external elements (fragments of rust from the water pipes, pots, cutlery, etc. ). Special products are commercially available to remove such marks; check that the amount of detergent being used is correct. check that the cap of the salt container is securely closed, and that the water softening setting is correct.   If after following the above troubleshooting instructions the problem persists, call the nearest After-Sales Centre. WARNING: any operations performed on the appliance by unauthorised persons are not covered by the warranty and shall be paid for by the user. 34 User instructions 6. [. . . ]


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