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[. . . ] WASHER-DRYER INSTRUCTION MANUAL ‫ت‬ ‫د ا‬ EN AR EN Contents 1. Troubleshooting 2 5 8 9 17 20 22 This appliance is tagged in accordance with European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE. This directive contains the regulations governing the collection and recycling of decommissioned appliances throughout the European Union. The symbol of the rubbish bin with a line through it on the appliance or its packaging indicates that the product must be disposed of separately from other waste at the end of its life cycle. [. . . ] The main wash detergent compartment has a tang allowing the use of liquid detergent. Following the recommendations in the "Programmes Table" supplied with this manual, place the detergent and any additives in the drawer before the start of the programme. Never fill with liquids above the maximum level marked; otherwise the trays will empty too quickly. Before pouring dense additives into the container, dilute with a little water to ensure they do not clog the outlet. The amount of detergent must be decided in relation of the hardness of the water, the type and quantity of items loaded, and their degree of dirt. This will provide the desired effect with optimal detergent consumption. On detergent packs the recommended dose is indicated for 4 levels of water hardness and for loads of 4-5 kg of laundry with average dirt levels. Request information about the water's hardness from your water supply company. Water hardness Level of hardness Soft Medium Hard Very hard French degrees fH Up to 15° 15° - 25° 25° - 40° More than 40° German degrees dH Up to 8° 8° - 14° 14° - 22° More than 22° 10 EN 4. 6 POWDER DETERGENT DOSES Laundry with normal dirt 1. Pour the total amount of detergent shown on the pack into the main wash compartment of the detergent drawer. Place ¼ of the recommended amount of detergent in the prewash compartment of the detergent drawer and ¾ of the detergent in the wash compartment. • If no recommended doses are provided, for delicate items in synthetic fibre use from ½ to 2/3 of the recommended dose for washing tough cotton fabrics. • Only neutral detergents recommended for wool should be used on the wool programme. • Use the doses recommended by the detergent producer. 4. 7 LIQUID DETERGENT DOSES 1. Pour the dose required into the measuring cap supplied with the bottle of liquid detergent and place it in the drum, or use the main wash compartment of the detergent drawer, fitting the insert provided. The scale on the red insert is intended as an aid when deciding the dose of liquid detergent. Warning!• Liquid detergents can be used, at the doses recommended by the producer, only for the main wash, i. e. in all programmes without prewash. 4. 8 DESCALERS Descalers can be added to the prewash and main wash compartments as recommended by their producers. Place the detergent in the compartments first, followed by the descaler. 4. 9 PROGRAMMES AND FUNCTIONS For advice on selecting programmes in relation to the type of fabric, refer to the "Programmes Table", supplied with this manual. 11 EN 4. 10 SWITCHING ON THE APPLIANCE AND SELECTING THE WASHING PROGRAMME To switch on the appliance and select the programme, proceed as follows: 1. The time left to the end of the programme and the maximum recommended weight for the selected programme alternate on the display. The symbols on the display light up to identify the information shown. The initial settings can be modified using the button underneath the sequence of spin speeds and temperatures. [. . . ] Free-standing model – Fit the bottom of the plinth first and then push it towards the cabinet until it snaps into place. 6. 5 CLEANING THE DETERGENT DRAWER The detergent drawer should be kept clean, removing all solid deposits. To simplify this operation, completely remove the detergent drawer (pull the drawer fully out, press in the zone marked PUSH and then remove completely). Fully re-insert the siphon and remove any detergent deposits before putting the drawer back in position. . 6. 6 CLEANING THE WATER INTAKE FILTERS The machine is fitted with a filter which protects the water intake valves. The filter is in the fitting on the intake hose which is connected to the tap The filter must be cleaned if the washer-dryer is not taking in water or the amount of water is insufficient. [. . . ]


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