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[. . . ] 4-125-804-33(1) Features AIR-SW10Ti is an "S-AIR" compatible packaged product that consists of one S-AIR main unit and one subwoofer. You can enjoy high quality sound by connecting the subwoofer wirelessly. In addition, connecting the S-AIR main unit (hereafter called "main unit") to optional S-AIR sub units (hereafter called "sub units") using "S-AIR" technology, you can use each unit in a remote location. For example, you can install optional sub units, one in a study room and the other in a bedroom, and install the system in the living room. [. . . ] The transmission distance differs depending on the usage environment. Find a location where transmission between the unit and subwoofer is most effective, and install the unit and subwoofer there. iPod/iPhone section CompatibleiPod/iPhonemodels: iPod touch 2nd generation iPod nano 4th generation (video) iPhone 3G On safety 3 Startplayback. Press . When scanning is complete, a list of available services is created. Enjoying the music in multiple rooms using the optional sub units When you listen to music from an optional sub unit, you can use the following functions. If the STANDBY indicator on the main unit (/ indicator on the subwoofer) flashes. The sound is distorted. Notes To control the iPod/iPhone You can control your iPod/iPhone with the following buttons on the main unit. Hold down / during playback, and release the button at the desired point. You can choose the selected item much like the center button on the iPod. You can return to the previous menu much like the Menu button on the iPod/ iPhone. I f your country or region does not support DAB broadcast, "No Serv" appears. B efore unplugging the FM/DAB antenna, make sure the system is turned off to preserve your own DAB settings. Turning off the beep sound When you press a touch sensitive button, a beep sounds. The following steps show you how to disable the beep. Selecting the S-AIR mode (PARTY mode / MULTI SOURCE mode) Press / on the main unit or the subwoofer to turn it off, then unplug the power cord. After checking that there is no indication on the display, reconnect the power cord and press / to turn on the main unit or the subwoofer. If the issue persists, contact your nearest Sony dealer. Turn down the volume of the main unit. Set the "EQ" setting of the iPod/iPhone to "Off " or "Flat. " The iPod/iPhone cannot be charged. Make sure the iPod/iPhone is connected securely. Check that the power cord is connected securely. Completely disconnect the power cord from the wall socket if the main unit and subwoofer are not going to be used for an extended period of time. Should any solid object or liquid get into the main unit or a subwoofer, unplug the unit in question, and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it again. The power cord should only be changed by a qualified service facility. iPod touch 1st generation iPod nano 3rd generation (video) iPod classic Tuner Severe hum or noise, or stations cannot be received. ("TUNED" or "ST" flashes on the display. ) On placement Presetting radio stations Use buttons on the remote to preset stations. 1 PressSYSTEMMENU. pressENTER. Select a menu or track for playback Skip a track Find a point in a track Choose the selected item Return to the previous menu 1 Tuneinthedesiredstation. 3 Press/repeatedlyuntil"TUNER"appears, then pressENTER. 3 Press/repeatedlyuntil"BEEP"appears, then 4 Press/toselect"OFF, "thenpressENTER. When you enable the beep, select "ON" in step 4. When connecting to multiple sub units, you can listen to different sound sources on each sub unit (MULTI SOURCE mode), or the same sound source on each sub unit (PARTY mode), by selecting the S-AIR mode accordingly. Press S-AIR MODE repeatedly to select "MULTI" or "PARTY. " The selected S-AIR mode appears. The default setting is underlined. General The remote does not function. Remove any obstacles between the remote and the remote sensor, and position the unit away from fluorescent lights. Move the remote closer to the unit. 4 Press/repeatedlyuntil"MEMORY"appears, thenpressENTER. Changing the display You can change the information in the display. Preset number MULTI SOURCE Select this setting to listen to different sound sources on each sub unit. PARTY Select this setting to listen to the same sound source on multiple sub units. Notes When you change the S-AIR mode, the iPod channel is automatically selected for the connected sub units. When connecting the main unit to a sub unit that is not compatible with the MULTI SOURCE mode, set the main unit to the PARTY mode. [. . . ] Stop using any equipment that generates electromagnetic energy, such as a microwave oven. Turn off the main unit and the subwoofer and then turn them on again. Check that the power cord is connected securely and the main unit and subwoofer are turned on. The subwoofer does not work effectively for music without lower frequencies. If the subwoofer still does not operate properly, reset the subwoofer to factory settings. 2 PressPAIRINGontherearpanelofthesubwoofer and/for3secondsonthesubwooferatthe sametime. [. . . ]


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