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[. . . ] € Do not crush and do not expose the battery pack to any shock or force such as hammering, dropping or stepping on it. € Do not short circuit and do not allow metal objects to come into contact with the battery terminals. € Do not expose to high temperature above 60°C (140°F) such as in direct sunlight or in a car parked in the sun. € Be sure to charge the battery pack using a genuine Sony battery charger or a device that can charge the battery pack. [. . . ] GB 30 Charging the battery pack Checking the remaining battery charge A remaining charge indicator appears on the screen. High Low Notes • The remaining charge indicator may not be correct under certain circumstances. Slide the lock lever after confirming that the access lamp (page 12) is off, and remove the battery pack. GB GB 31 Inserting a memory card (sold separately) 1 Slide the lever to open the cover. € With the notched corner facing as illustrated, insert the memory card until it clicks into place. To remove the memory card Make sure that the access lamp (page 12) is not lit, then push the memory card in once. GB 32 Inserting a memory card (sold separately) Memory cards that can be used You can use the following types of memory cards with this camera. However, proper operation cannot be guaranteed for all types of memory cards. Memory card Memory Stick PRO Duo A Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo Memory Stick XC-HG Duo SD memory card B SDHC memory card SDXC memory card (Class 4 or faster) (Class 4 or faster) (Class 4 or faster) GB For still images For movies (Mark2 only) • In this manual, the products in the table are collectively referred to as follows: A: “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media B: SD card Notes • Images recorded on a “Memory Stick XC-HG Duo” media or an SDXC memory card cannot be imported to or played on computers or AV devices that are not compatible with exFAT*. Make sure that the device is compatible with exFAT before connecting it to the camera. If you connect your camera to an incompatible device, you may be prompted to format the card. 4 Press v/V on the control wheel, or select a setting item by turning the control wheel, then press z. 5 Press v/V/b/B, or select a desired setting by turning the control wheel, then press z. 6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 to set other items, then select [Enter] and press z on the control wheel. GB 37 Setting the date and time Setting the date/time and area again The date and time setup screen appears automatically when the power is turned on for the first time or when the internal rechargeable backup battery has been discharged. MENU button t (Setup) 4 t [Date/Time Setup] or [Area Setting] MENU button Maintaining the date and time setting This camera has an internal rechargeable battery for maintaining the date and time and other settings regardless of whether the power is on or off, or the battery is installed or not. GB 38 Shooting and viewing images Shooting still images In auto mode, the camera analyzes the subject and allows you to shoot with the appropriate settings. € The optical zoom is not available when a fixed focal length lens is mounted. € If the zoom range of the optical zoom is exceeded when a Power zoom lens is mounted, the camera automatically switches over to the camera side zoom. Indicator GB 39 Shooting still images 6 Press the shutter button fully down to shoot an image. Framing] is set to [Auto], when shooting faces, close-up (macro) subjects, or subjects tracked by [Lockon AF], the camera analyzes the scene and automatically trims the captured image into a suitable composition. gB 40 Recording movies 1 Press the MOVIE button to start recording. [. . . ] Batteri Batteriet kan brista om det hanteras ovarsamt, vilket kan leda till brand eller risk för kemiska brännskador. Att observera vid import av AVCHDfilmer till en dator Ladda ner och använd programmet ”PlayMemories Home” från följande webbsida för att importera AVCHD-filmer till en dator: http://www. 5 Anslut kameran till nätadaptern (medföljer) med hjälp av mikro-USB-kabeln (medföljer), och anslut sedan nätadaptern till ett vägguttag. Uppladdning genom att ansluta kameran till en dator Batteripaketet går att ladda upp genom att ansluta kameran till en dator med hjälp av en mikro-USB-kabel. [. . . ]


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