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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 4-261-096-11(1) The software of this player may be updated in the future. To find out details on any available updates, please visit: For customers in European countries http://support. sony-europe. com/ For customers in Australia/New Zealand and India http://www. sony-asia. com/support/ z To find out useful hints, tips and information about Sony products and services please visit: www. sony-europe. com/myproduct/ Operating Instructions Blu-ray DiscTM / DVD Player BDP-S480/S483/S580 4-261-096-11(1) Printed in Malaysia © 2011 Sony Corporation WARNING To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. Batteries or batteries installed apparatus shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems) This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. [. . . ] C Page address D SSL icon Displays when the website is protected and connected safely. E Signal strength indicator Appears when the player is connected to a wireless network. F Progress bar/Loading icon Appears when the page is being read, or during file download/transfer. G Text input field Press ENTER then choose [Input] from the options menu to open the software keyboard. H Scroll bar Press </M/m/, to move the page display left, up, down or right. z Some websites use functions which this browser does not support. Some websites may not be displayed correctly, or may not function. To enter a URL Select [URL entry] from the options menu. Enter the URL using the software keyboard, then select [Enter]. To set the default start page While displaying the page you want to set, select [Set as start page] from the options menu. To quit Internet Browser Press HOME. , continued 19 Available options Various settings and operations are available by pressing OPTIONS. The available items differ depending on the situation. Items [Browser Setup] Details Displays the Internet Browser settings. · [Zoom]: Increases or decreases the size of the displayed contents. Displays the software keyboard to enter characters while browsing a website. Erases one character on the left side of the cursor during text input. Allows you to return to a previously displayed website by selecting the window. Sets the currently displayed website as the default start page. Items [Open in new window] [Display certificate] Details Opens a link in a new window. View server certificates sent from pages that support SSL. [Input] [Break] [Delete] [Window List] [Bookmark List] [Character encoding] [Previous page/Next page] [Cancel loading] [Reload] [URL entry] [Add to Bookmark] [Set as start page] 20 Icon Explanation [Easy Setup] (page 25) Re-runs the Easy Setup to make the basic settings. [Resetting] (page 25) Resets the player to the factory settings. Settings and Adjustments Using the Settings Displays Select [Setup] on the home menu when you need to change the settings of the player. The default settings are underlined. 1 2 Select [Setup] on the home menu using </, . Select the setup category icon using M/m, and press ENTER. Icon Explanation [Network Update] (page 21) Updates the software of the player. [Screen Settings] (page 21) Makes the video settings according to the type of connecting jacks. [Audio Settings] (page 22) Makes the audio settings according to the type of connecting jacks. [BD/DVD Viewing Settings] (page 23) Makes detailed settings for BD/ DVD playback. [Parental Control Settings] (page 23) Makes detailed settings for the Parental Control function. [Music Settings] (page 24) Makes detailed settings for Super Audio CD playback. [. . . ] The audio output differs depending on the source, connected output jack, and selected audio settings. BD-RE: Ver. 2. 1 BD-R: Ver. 1. 1, 1. 2, 1. 3 including organic pigment type BD-R (LTH type) The BD-Rs recorded on a PC cannot be played if postscripts are recordable. A CD or DVD disc will not play if it has not been correctly finalised. For more information, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the recording device. Playable types of files Video File format Extensions MPEG-1 Video/PS*1*2 ". mpg, " ". mpeg, " ". m2ts, " ". mts" MPEG-2 Video/PS, TS*1*3 MPEG-4 AVC*1*2 ". mkv, " ". mp4, " ". m4v, " ". m2ts, " ". mts" ". wmv, " ". asf" *4 Discs that cannot be played · · · · · · · · · BDs with cartridge BDXLs DVD-RAMs HD DVDs DVD Audio discs PHOTO CDs Data part of CD-Extras Super VCDs Audio material side on DualDiscs WMV9*1*2 AVCHD Xvid *2 ". avi" Music File format MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III) AAC*1*2*5 WMA9 LPCM Standard*1*2*5 Extensions ". mp3" ". m4a" ". wma" ". wav" Note on Discs This product is designed to playback discs that conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. [. . . ]


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