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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Windows Media is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation. Use or distribution of such technology outside of this product is prohibited without a license from Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft subsidiary. Getting Started Playable discs on this unit This unit can play CD-DA (also containing CD TEXT) and CD-R/CD-RW (MP3/WMA files (page 13)). [. . . ] When the AF function is on: this unit's factory setting restricts reception to a specific region, so you will not be switched to another regional station with a stronger frequency. If you leave this regional program's reception area, set "REGIONAL-OFF" in setup during FM reception (page 11). This function enables you to select other local stations in the area, even if they are not stored on your number buttons. 1 During FM reception, press a number button ((1) to (6)) on which a local station is stored. The CT function may not work even though an RDS station is being received. There might be a difference between the time set by the CT function and the actual time. Other functions Changing the sound settings adjusting the sound characteristics -- BAL/FAD/SUB Track name*1, Disc/artist name*1, Artist name*1, Album number*2, Album name*1, Track number/ Elapsed playing time, Clock You can adjust the balance, fader, and subwoofer volume. Tip Displayed items may differ depending on model, disc type, recording format and settings. Repeat and shuffle play During playback, press (3) (REP) or (4) (SHUF) repeatedly until the desired setting appears. "CUSTOM" of EQ3 allows you to make your own equalizer settings. The volume level is adjustable in 1 dB steps, from ­10 dB to +10 dB. Rotate the control dial until the desired item appears, then press it. " LOUDNESS Reinforces bass and treble for clear sound at low volume levels: "ON, " "OFF. The following items can be set (follow the page reference for details): CLOCK-ADJ (Clock Adjust) (page 4) CT (Clock Time) Activates the CT function: "ON, " "OFF" (page 8, 9). AUTO OFF Shuts off automatically after a desired time when the unit is turned off: "NO, " "30S (Seconds), " "30M (Minutes), " "60M (Minutes). " LOCAL (Local Seek Mode) ­ "ON": to only tune into stations with stronger signals. By connecting an optional portable audio device to the AUX input jack (stereo mini jack) on the unit and then simply selecting the source, you can listen on your car speakers. The volume level is adjustable for any difference between the unit and the portable audio device. Connecting cord* (not supplied) * Be sure to use a straight type plug. Be sure to adjust the volume for each connected audio device before playback. [. . . ] Never touch the connectors directly with your fingers or with any metal device. "PI SEEK" appears and the unit starts searching for another frequency with the same PI (Program Identification) data. The disc has been forcibly inserted upside down or in the wrong way. the disc is incompatible with the MP3/WMA format and version (page 13). [. . . ]


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