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[. . . ] Gov/hazardouswaste/perchlorate Perchlorate Material: Lithium battery contains perchlorate Windows Media is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This product contains technology subject to certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft. Use or distribution of this technology outside of this product is prohibited without the appropriate license(s) from Microsoft. mPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. [. . . ] Note If the unit is turned off and the display disappears, the unit cannot be operated with the remote commander unless  on the unit is pressed, or a disc is inserted to activate the unit first. Ό Front panel release button page 4  EQ3 (Equalizer) button page 9 To select an equalizer type (XPLOD, VOCAL, EDGE, CRUISE, SPACE, GRAVITY, CUSTOM or OFF). Ό AUX input jack page 11  OFF button To turn off the power; stop the source. 6 Tuning automatically Radio Storing and receiving stations Caution When tuning in stations while driving, use Best Tuning Memory (BTM) to prevent an accident. 1 Select the band, then press  +/– to search for the station. Tip If you know the frequency of the station you want to listen to, press and hold  +/– to locate the approximate frequency, then press  +/– repeatedly to fine adjust to the desired frequency (manual tuning). Press , rotate the control dial until “GENERAL” appears, then press it. Rotate the control dial until “BTM” appears, then press it. RDS FM stations with Radio Data System (RDS) service send inaudible digital information along with the regular radio program signal. Notes • Depending on the country/region, not all RDS functions may be available. € RDS will not work if the signal strength is too weak, or if the station you are tuned to is not transmitting RDS data. 10 AUX VOL*3 (AUX Volume Level) Adjusts the volume level for each connected auxiliary equipment: “+18 dB” – “0 dB” – “–8 dB. € This setting negates the need to adjust the volume level between sources. Using optional equipment Auxiliary audio equipment By connecting an optional portable audio device to the AUX input jack (stereo mini jack) on the unit and then simply selecting the source, you can listen on your car speakers. Connecting the portable audio device DISPLAY: DEMO (Demonstration) Activates the demonstration: “ON, ” “OFF. Connect the portable audio device to the unit with a connecting cord (not supplied)*. Adjusting the volume level Be sure to adjust the volume for each connected audio device before playback. 11 • Discs that this unit CANNOT play Additional Information Precautions • Cool off the unit beforehand if your car has been parked in direct sunlight. € Do not leave the front panel or audio devices brought in inside the car, or it may cause malfunction due to high temperature in direct sunlight. Notes on CD-R/CD-RW discs • The maximum number of: (CD-R/CD-RW only) – folders (albums): 150 (including root folder) – files (tracks) and folders: 300 (may less than 300 if folder/file names contain many characters) – displayable characters for a folder/file name: 32 (Joliet)/64 (Romeo) Moisture condensation Should moisture condensation occur inside the unit, remove the disc and wait for about an hour for it to dry out; otherwise the unit will not operate properly. € If the multi-session disc begins with a CDDA session, it is recognized as a CD-DA disc, and other sessions are not played back. € Discs that this unit CANNOT play – CD-R/CD-RW of poor recording quality. [. . . ] ΅ The leads are not matched correctly with the car’s accessory power connector. € Connect an REM OUT lead (blue/white striped) or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power supply lead of a car’s antenna (aerial) booster (only when your car has built-in radio antenna (aerial) in the rear/ side glass). € If the auto antenna (aerial) will not go up, check the connection of the power antenna (aerial) control lead. € See the installation/connections manual of this model to check the connection. [. . . ]


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