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[. . . ] € When you use a memory card with this camera for the first time, it is recommended that you format the card using the camera in order to stabilize the performance of the memory card. 2 Connect the camera with the battery pack inserted to the AC Adaptor (supplied) using the micro USB cable (supplied), and connect the AC Adaptor to the wall outlet (wall socket). GB 3 Setting the language and the clock ON/OFF (Power) button Control wheel Select items : //// / Confirm : Center button 1 Press the ON/OFF (Power) button to turn on the camera. 2 Select the desired language and then press the center of the control wheel. [. . . ] Managing and editing images on a computer Images can be imported to a computer by connecting the camera and your computer using a micro USB cable, or inserting the memory card of the camera into the computer. In addition, by using the following computer software, you can enhance your enjoyment of photos/movies. PlayMemories Home PlayMemories Home allows you to import still images and movies to your computer and view or use them. You need to install PlayMemories Home to import XAVC S movies or AVCHD movies to your computer. Imaging Edge Imaging Edge is a software suite that includes the functions below: • Remote shooting from a computer • Adjusting or developing RAW images recorded with the camera* * Only for models that support RAW images For details on the computer software, refer to the following URL. Illustrations in this manual Illustrations used in this manual are of the DSC-HX99, unless otherwise noted. € Do not leave the lens or the viewfinder exposed to a strong light source such as sunlight. Because of the lens’s condensing function, doing so may cause smoke, fire, or a malfunction inside the camera body or the lens. € Do not leave the camera, the supplied accessories, or memory cards within the reach of infants. Screen language You can select the language displayed on the screen using the menu. Notes on handling the product GB 8 • The camera is neither dust-proof, nor splash-proof, nor water-proof. Notes on the monitor and electronic viewfinder • The monitor and electronic viewfinder are manufactured using extremely high-precision technology, and over 99. However, there may be some small black dots and/or bright dots (white, red, blue or green in color) that constantly appear on the monitor and electronic viewfinder. These are imperfections due to the manufacturing process and do not affect the recorded images in any way. € When shooting with the viewfinder, you may experience symptoms such as eyestrain, fatigue, motion sickness, or nausea. We recommend that you take a break at regular intervals when you are shooting with the viewfinder. € If the monitor or electronic viewfinder is damaged, stop using the camera immediately. € If the same part of your skin touches the camera for a long period of time while using the camera, even if the camera does not feel hot to you, it may cause symptoms of a low-temperature burn such as redness or blistering. Pay special attention in the following situations and use a tripod, etc. -- When using the camera in a high temperature environment -- When someone with poor circulation or impaired skin sensation uses the camera -- When using the camera with [Auto Pwr OFF Temp. ] set to [High] GB Notes on recording/playback • Before you start recording, make a trial recording to make sure that the camera is working correctly. € Playback of images recorded with your product on other equipment and playback of images recorded or edited with other equipment on your product are not guaranteed. [. . . ] ): 101 , 6 × 58 , 1 × 35 , 5 mm Vikt (enligt CIPA) (ca. ): 233 g (inklusive batteripaket och microSD-minneskort) DSC-WX700 , 1, 5 W Märkinspänning: 3, 6 V Användningstemperatur: 0 till 40 °C Förvaringstemperatur: –20 till 55 °C Yttermått (B/H/D) (ca. NO MOVIE (filmknapp) NO 5 Bruke søkeren (bare for modeller med en søker) Skyv søkerknappen nedover for å heve søkeren. € Sørg for å oppbevare kameraet, medfølgende tilbehør og minnekort utilgjengelig for barn. [. . . ]


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