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[. . . ] 2-698-884-11(1) Enjoying with your Hard Disk 10 Drive Handycam Getting Started 13 Handycam Handbook DCR-SR30E/SR40E/SR50E/ SR60E/SR70E/SR80E Easy Handycam 24 Recording /Playback 29 Using the Setup items Editing images Dubbing, Printing Performing with a computer Troubleshooting 44 63 67 74 98 Additional Information 114 Glossary, Index 121 © 2006 Sony Corporation Read this first Before operating the unit, please read this Handbook thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. This product has been tested and found compliant with the limits set out in the EMC Directive for using connection cables shorter than 3 meters. (9. 8 feet) WARNING To reduce fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. CAUTION Replace the battery with the specified type only. Otherwise, fire or injury may result. Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems) This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. [. . . ] Connect your camcorder to the wall socket using the supplied AC Adaptor for this operation (p. 14). Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices to be connected. • On your camcorder, you cannot view images copied from a computer. A/V jack (Yellow) (White) (Red) OUT S VIDEO VIDEO AUDIO VCRs, DVD devices or TVs : Video/Signal flow Dubbing, Printing 1 A/V connecting cable (supplied) The Handycam Station and your camcorder are both equipped with A/V jacks (p. 73). Connect the A/V connecting cable either to the Handycam Station or to your camcorder, according to your setup. 2 A/V connecting cable with S VIDEO (optional) When connecting to another device via the S VIDEO jack, by using an A/V connecting cable with an S VIDEO cable (optional), higher quality images can be produced than with an A/V connecting cable. Connect the white and red plug (left/right audio) and the S VIDEO plug (S VIDEO channel) of the A/V connecting cable with an S VIDEO cable (optional). S VIDEO connection only will not output audio. • You cannot record images from a TV with no output jacks. • You cannot record TV programs which allow you to record once, or have copy control technology. • When you are connecting your camcorder to a monaural device, connect the yellow plug of the A/V connecting cable to the video output jack, and the red (right channel) or the white (left channel) plug to the audio output jack on the VCR or the TV. For example, French video or TV programs (SECAM) cannot be recorded correctly. • If you use a 21-pin adaptor to input PAL source, you need a dual direction 21-pin adaptor (optional). 69 1 Connect your camcorder to the TV or VCR/DVD device with the A/V connecting cable (supplied) 1 or the A/V connecting cable with S VIDEO (optional) 2. • Connect your camcorder to the output jacks of a TV or VCR/DVD device. 8 Touch [END]. • There may be a time difference between the point where you press [REC] and the actual point that the recording starts/stops. • You cannot record an image as a still image even if you press PHOTO during recording. 2 If you are recording from a VCR/ DVD device, insert the video tape or the DVD into the playback device. 3 Slide the POWER switch to light up the (PLAY/EDIT) lamp. t [REC CTRL]. 4 Touch If you connected your camcorder to the device which has the S VIDEO jack, touch [SET] t [VIDEO INPUT] t [S VIDEO] t . • Touch [SET] to change the recording mode or adjust the volume. • Touch [SET] t [ REMAIN] t [ON] to display the remaining hard disk free space indicator all the time. 5 Start playing the cassette or the DVD on the play back device, or select a TV program. The image played on the connected device appears on the LCD screen of your camcorder. 6 Touch [REC] at the point you want to start recording. 7 Touch 70 at the point you want to stop recording. Printing recorded still images (PictBridge compliant printer) You can print out still images using a PictBridge compliant printer without connecting the camcorder to a computer. 4 Connect the (USB) jack of the Handycam Station to the printer using the supplied USB cable. • To print still images after having copied them onto a computer, see page 90. Connect your camcorder to the printer 1 Turn on the printer. 2 Connect the Handycam Station to the wall socket using the supplied AC Adaptor. 3 Set the camcorder onto the Handycam Station securely, then slide the POWER switch to turn on. • When you set the camcorder onto the Handycam Station, connect securely onto the interface connector of the Handycam Station (p. 73). • You can perform this operation, when whichever position of the (Movie) / (Still) / (PLAY/EDIT) is lit. [USB SELECT] screen appears on the LCD screen. Dubbing, Printing 5 Touch [PictBridge PRINT]. When connection is complete, (PictBridge connecting) appears on the screen. 1/10 PictBridge PRINT 100-0002 END SET EXEC The still image appears. • You can also display [USB SELECT] screen by touching t [SETUP] t PICT. APPLI. • We cannot guarantee the operation of models that are not PictBridge compatible. Printing 1 Select the image to be printed with / . 71 2 Touch [SET] t [COPIES]. You can set a maximum of 20 copies of one image to be printed. 4 Touch t [END]. • Some printer models may not support the date printing function. • Still images that have a file size of 2 MB or more or are larger than 2304 × 1728 pixels cannot be printed. • PictBridge is an industry standard established by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA). You can print still images without using a computer by connecting a printer directly to a digital video camera or digital still camera, regardless of model or manufacturer. To print the date on the image, touch [SET] t [DATE/TIME] t [DATE] or [DAY&TIME] t . To remove the USB cable 1 Touch [END]. 2 Remove the USB cable from the Handycam Station and the printer. 5 Touch [EXEC] t [YES]. When printing is finished, [Printing. . . ] disappears and the image selection screen appears again. [. . . ] There are MPEG1 (standard definition) and MPEG2 (high definition) formats. Hard Disk Drive Handycam records movies in MPEG2 format. x USB 2. 0 USB 2. 0 is a standard for connecting with various devices. When your computer is compatible with USB 2. 0, you can transfer data in high-speed between computers. Glossary, Index x Photomovie A series of still images (JPEG format) recorded with a camcorder is convered and resaved as a movie (MPEG format) to be played back on another DVD device or computer. Create a Photomovie to view still images on a DVD device that does not support JPEG playback. [. . . ]


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