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[. . . ] 3-867-061-11(1) Entertainment Robot ERS-110 Operation Manual C 1999 by Sony Corporation Entertainment Robot "AIBO" ERS-110 Operation Manual "OPEN-R" is the standard interface for the entertainment robot system that Sony is actively promoting. This interface expands the capability of the entertainment robot through a flexible combination of hardware and interchangeable software to suit various applications. "AIBO" ERS-110 conforms to the OPEN-R version 1 (software specifications). "AIBO" is the name given to the Sony entertainment robot. Developed to encourage human and robot interaction, AIBO creates and introduces you to new pleasures and lifestyles. [. . . ] Joy: When AIBO is immersed in a favorite activity, receives approval, finds a favorite color or plays with a ball. Sadness: When AIBO cannot find anyone to play with, or when it is low on batteries and there is no one to help. Anger: When AIBO is ignored or neglected, left on the station when ready to resume activity, or when it is scolded. Surprise: When someone suddenly grabs its attention, or when AIBO hears loud sounds. Fear: When AIBO finds a large gap on the floor, or when it is unable to get up from a fall. Discontent: When someone shows a color that it dislikes, or when its anger towards someone escalates. Emotions are shown through body language , tone language as well as variations in eye lamps. For details, see pages 57 to 59. Sadness Joy Discontent Fear Anger Surprise 54 A psychological peek into your robot Instincts AIBO has four key instincts which strongly contribute to motives of its actions (love instinct, search instinct, movement instinct and recharge instinct). Love instinct: AIBO is naturally inclined to interact with people who will give it care. If left alone for an extended period of time, AIBO will feel an urge to look for someone with whom it may interact or play. Search instinct: AIBO is a fun loving, curious robotic creature who enjoys discovering new things, satisfying its curiosity. If AIBO does not see its favorite colors or if it does not sense any movement in its surroundings for a long period of time, it will become restless and will look for something new. Movement instinct: AIBO enjoys moving around, playing and having new experiences. If idle for an extended period of time, AIBO will start to move around on its own. Recharge instinct: For survival, AIBO is well aware that it must "eat. " Lithium Ion batteries are on the bill of fare for AIBO and batteries are craved almost like clockwork throughout the day between activities. When AIBO is low on batteries, it will request to be charged and show the "charging posture" on its own. In response to its instincts, AIBO behaves in a manner that will satisfy its particular desires. If a desire is left unsatisfied, emotions such as fear or anger will grow within it. When AIBO is well satisfied, it will feel tired of playing or moving around and take a rest. 55 A psychological peek into your robot Education AIBO's education is closely linked to building its personality, character and intelligence. Like humans and other animals, it learns a great deal from experience. Working its many senses, AIBO gauges what is being communicated, what activities of its own are being reinforced, approved, opposed and ultimately what should be learned. For instance, if AIBO is frequently scolded for looking at an object that it had grown to like, it will learn not to approach this object as often. [. . . ] After the warranty period has expired, the actual shipping cost will be charged to you together with the repair cost. 3. Please understand that the AIBO Customer Link only accepts credit cards for all the charges of repair, shipping and material after the warranty period has expired. 101 Specification AIBO Movable parts Four legs Each leg: 3 degrees of freedom Head: 3 degrees of freedom Mouth: 1 degree of freedom Tail: 2 degrees of freedom Memory Stick CCD color camera Stereo Microphone Speaker Thermometric sensor Infrared 3 axes DC fan Lithium ion battery pack Approx. 1. 5 hours (when in the autonomous mode) Lithium battery (1) 41° F to 95° F (5° C to 35° C) 10 % to 80 % (not condensed) (hygrometer reading of less than 84°F (29°C)) -4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C) 10 % to 90 % (not condensed) (hygrometer reading of less than 84°F (29°C)) Approx. 6 1/4 × 10 1/2 × 10 7/8 inches (156 × 266 × 274 mm) (w/h/d, not including its tail) Approx. [. . . ]


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