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[. . . ] 4-484-004-11(1) Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder FDR-AX1/AX1E Operating Guide Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. © 2013 Sony Corporation Owner’s Record The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Refer to these numbers whenever you call your Sony dealer regarding this product. ACSerial No. WARNING To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, 1) do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. 2) do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the apparatus. Do not expose the batteries to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. [. . . ] Capture a white subject, such as white paper, full-screen in the same lighting condition as the one in which the subject is. 3. Press the Indicator A (Memory A) Shooting conditions • White balance values adjusted for light sources can be stored in memory A and memory B. B Follow the steps in “To save the (Memory B) adjusted white balance value in memory A or B” (page 32). • Recording neon signs or fireworks Outdoor • Recording sunset/sunrise, just after sunset or just before sunrise • Under daylight color fluorescent lamps n • Under the lighting conditions Indoor that change in many ways, such as a party hall • Under strong light, such as in a photography studio • Under sodium lamps or mercury lamps Color temperature • Color temperature can be set (“Color Temp. ”) between 2300K and 15000K (the default setting is 3200K). (one push) button C. It will stay on when the white balance adjustment is completed and the adjusted value is stored in A or B. Notes • It may take a long time to adjust the white balance, depending on the recording conditions. If you want to perform a different operation before completing the adjustment, set the white balance memory switch B to another position to temporarily suspend white balance adjustment. To adjust the white balance automatically Press the WHT BAL button A or set the AUTO/ MANUAL switch D to AUTO. Notes • When you set the AUTO/MANUAL switch D to AUTO, other manually adjusted items (iris, gain, and shutter speed) also become automatic. 32 Changing Basic Settings Audio setup The following connectors, switches and dials allow you to set the sound to be recorded. • If the recording level is low, set “INT MIC Sensitivity” in “Audio Input” of the Audio menu to “High” (page 44). • To reduce wind roar, set “INT MIC Wind Filter” in “Audio Input” of the Audio menu to “On” (page 44). Recording sound from an external audio device To use an external audio device, or a microphone (sold separately), change the settings as follows. Recording 1. Select the input source. Set the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 switches according to the devices connected to the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 jacks. Audio devices Switch position External audio device (mixer, etc. ) Dynamic microphones or microphones with a built-in battery LINE MIC +48V powering (Phantom powering) microphone MIC+48V External audio input jacks and switches INPUT 1 jack B INPUT 2 jack A INPUT 1 switch C INPUT 2 switch D Audio source switches CH1 (INT MIC/INPUT 1/INPUT 2) switch E CH2 (INT MIC/INPUT 1/INPUT 2) switch J Audio level controls CH1 (AUTO/MAN) switch F CH2 (AUTO/MAN) switch I AUDIO LEVEL (CH1) dial G AUDIO LEVEL (CH2) dial H • If you connect a device that does not support +48V phantom power, malfunction may result from setting this switch to MIC+48V. • When there is no audio device connected to an INPUT jack, set the INPUT switch of that jack to LINE to prevent noise. 2. Set the input level of the microphone. • Set the input level of the microphone by “INPUT1 Reference/INPUT2 Reference” in “Audio Input” of the Audio menu (page 44). Select the channel you want to record. Using the CH1/CH2 switches, select the source to be recorded on each channel. Using the internal microphone The sound will be recorded in stereo when using the internal microphone. Set the CH1 (INT MIC/INPUT 1/INPUT 2) and CH2 (INT MIC/INPUT 1/INPUT 2) switches to INT MIC. Changing Basic Settings 33 When the CH1 switch is set to INT MIC Input source and recorded CH2 channel switch setting INT MIC (L) INT MIC (R) CH1 CH2 2. During recording or standby, turn the AUDIO LEVEL dial (G or H) of the channel to be adjusted. To restore automatic adjustment Set the AUTO/MAN switch (F or I) of the manually adjusted channel to AUTO. Setting the headphone sound INT MIC (mono) INPUT 1 CH1 CH2 Recording INT MIC (mono) INPUT 2 CH1 CH2 When the CH1 switch is set to INPUT 1 Input source and recorded CH2 channel switch setting INPUT 1 INT MIC (mono) CH1 CH2 You can select the channel by setting the switch to CH1 or CH2, to output from the headphone. See “Headphone Out” in “Audio Output” of Audio menu on the sound at STEREO MIX (page 44). INPUT 1 CH1 CH2 INPUT 1 INPUT 2 CH1 CH2 • When the CH1 switch is set to INPUT 2, the INPUT 2 source is recorded to CH1. • When you use a stereo microphone (2 XLR plugs), connect the L (left) channel plug to the INPUT 1 jack, and the R (right) channel plug to the INPUT 2 jack. Set the CH1 switch to INPUT 1, and the CH2 switch to INPUT 2. Adjusting the volume When both the CH1/CH2 switches are set to INT MIC, left and right channels are linked to the CH1 switch and dial. 1. Set the AUTO/MAN switch (F or I) of the channel to be adjusted to MAN. appears on the LCD screen. 34 Changing Basic Settings Useful Functions Assignable buttons The camcorder has seven assignable buttons (pages 12, 13) to which you can assign various functions for convenience. Changing functions Use “Assignable Button” (page 46) in the System menu. The assigned functions can be viewed on the assignable button status screen (page 17). Default assigned functions Button 1 Off Button 2 Off Button 3 Off Button 4 Zebra Button 5 Peaking Button 6 Thumbnail Button 7 Focus Magnifier Assignable functions • Off • Marker (page 45) • Zebra (page 45) • Peaking (page 45) • Focus Magnifier (page 28) • Auto Exposure Level (page 41) • SteadyShot (page 41) • Color Bars (page 41) • Rec Lamp[F] (page 46) • Rec Lamp[R] (page 46) • Thumbnail (page 47) Recording Useful Functions 35 Thumbnail Screens Thumbnail Screens When you press the THUMBNAIL button (page 16), clips recorded on the XQD memory card are displayed as thumbnails on the screen. You can start playback from the clip selected on the thumbnail screen. [. . . ] Replace the card, format it with the camcorder. Media Error Media(A) Needs to be Restored* Media Error Cannot Record to Media(A)* Media Error Cannot Use Media(A)* Will Switch Slots Soon Cannot Use Media(A)* Unsupported File System Media Error Playback Halted Media(A) Error* Media Reached Rewriting Limit Change Media(A)* Appendices Cannot Use Media(A)* Unsupported File System Battery Temperature High Intermittent Flashing The temperature of the battery pack is rising. Turn off the power and replace the battery pack with another one or wait until the temperature falls. * “Media(B)” for the card in slot B. 62 Error/Warning Indications Licenses On accessing software to which the GPL/LGPL applies This product uses software to which the GPL/ LGPL applies. This informs you that you have a right to have access to, modify, and redistribute source code for these software programs under the conditions of the GPL/LGPL. http://www. sony. net/Products/Linux/common/ search. html We would prefer that you do not contact us about the contents of the source code. [. . . ]


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