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[. . . ] γός αναφοράς Başvuru Kılavuzu KD-75X850xC / 75X8501C (FW-75X8570C) / 65X850xC / 65X8501C (FW-65X8570C) / KD-55X850xC / 55X8501C (FW-55X8570C) / 49X830xC / 49X8301C (FW-49X8370C) / KD-43X830xC / 43X8301C (FW-43X8370C Introduction Table of Contents Thank you for choosing this Sony product. Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Note • Before operating the TV, please read “Safety information” (page 3). € Images and illustrations used in Startup Guide and this manual are for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance. [. . . ] If not, an additional connection with DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) is necessary.  CAM (Conditional Access Module) • Provides access to pay TV services. It must be fitted into the Conditional Access Module provided by your authorised dealer. € A CAM message may appear when you switch to a digital programme after using the Internet video. 9GB Using Remote Control Remote Control Parts Description IR (infrared) Remote Control Touchpad Remote Control For models with supplied Touchpad Remote Control. Α / (Input select/Text hold)  Number buttons EXIT Return to the previous screen or exit from the menu. When an Interactive Application service is available, press to exit from the service. You can also display it by slide down your finger from ACTION MENU on the Touchpad Remote Control.  ////// Operate media contents on TV and connected BRAVIA Sync-compatible device. Έ REC*1 *2 Record the current programme with the USB HDD recording function. Some models of Xperia) corresponding to the One-touch mirroring function, then its screen is displayed on the TV. You can also launch Content Bar by slide up your finger from DISCOVER on the Touchpad Remote Control. ΅//// (Item select/Enter) *1 The location, availability and function of remote control button may vary depending on your country/ region/TV model. If you do not have a network connection, you will be able to download the software from the Sony support website using your PC. To stay informed about the exact release date, please subscribe at http://www. The TV alternates between the current channel or input and the last channel or input that was selected. Α AUDIO Change the language for the programme currently being viewed. (Subtitle setting) Turn subtitles on or off (when the feature is available). 11GB Using the Touchpad Remote Control Touchpad Remote Control can only be used after pairing with the TV. Pairing screen can be displayed by pressing the  button on the TV for 5 seconds, or select [Settings] - [Touchpad Remote Control settings] - [Pair Touchpad Remote Control]. Connecting Other Devices For more information on connections, refer to the Help Guide. * < 14 mm < 14 mm CATV 12GB KD-49/43X830xC To connect Satellite Box Connect to the TV using either an HDMI or SCART cable. [. . . ] Muiden kuin mukana toimitettujen ruuvien käyttö voi aiheuttaa vaurioita television sisäosiin, television putoamisen tai muuta vahinkoa. 14FI Television asennus seinälle Tässä television käyttöohjeessa näytetään vain vaiheet, joilla valmistellaan television asennus seinälle. € Designed with UEI TechnologyTM Under License from Universal Electronics Inc. De/ Merknad for kunder: Følgende informasjon gjelder kun for utstyr som er solgt i land som anvender EU-direktivene. [. . . ]


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