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[. . . ] 4-531-548-11(1) Digital HD Video Camera Recorder Operating Guide Getting started Recording/Playback Saving images Customizing your camcorder Others Please also refer to : http://www. sony. net/SonyInfo/Support/ HDR-CX240/CX240E/PJ240/PJ240E/PJ270/PJ270E/PJ275 Read this first Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. Owner’s Record The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Refer to these numbers whenever you call your Sony dealer regarding this product. _________________________ IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. DANGER - TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, CAREFULLY FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. • • • • • • • Read these instructions. [. . . ] • The POWER/CHG (charge) lamp turns off when the battery pack is fully charged. start Power zoom lever • To stop recording, press START/STOP again. • You can record photos during movie recording by pressing PHOTO (Dual Capture). • In the default setting, movies are recorded with HD format and MP4 format simultaneously (Dual Video REC). MP4 format is easy for playing back your movies on a smartphone, for uploading to a network, or for uploading to the Web. • You can check the recording time of a medium on the LCD monitor in the shooting mode. • To change the image quality of the movies you record, select  [Image Quality/Size]  [ REC Mode]. GB 13 Shooting photos 1 Open the lens cover. 2 Open the LCD monitor and select [MODE]  (Photo). 3 Press PHOTO lightly to adjust the focus, then press it fully. Power zoom lever • When the focus is adjusted properly, AE/AF lock indicator appears on the LCD monitor. GB 14 Playback 1 Open the LCD monitor and press the (View Images) button on the camcorder to enter the playback mode. Recording/Playback / to move the 2 Select and then select the desired event toin the center, the part circled () figure. Remaining battery To the MENU screen Event name To the previous event Change to the movie/photo recording mode Switch Movie Format button (HD/ MP4) Events To the next event Time-line bar Play short movies Change Event Scale button GB 15 3 Select the image. To go back to the Event View screen Previous Event name Recorded time/ number of photos Switch Image Type button Movie Next Change to the movie/photo recording mode Photo Last played image  Playback operations Volume Delete Context Stop Motion Shot Video / / / Previous/Next Fast-reverse/Fast-forward Play/Pause Play/Stop slide show Motion Interval ADJ  To select the format of the movie you want to play, edit, or copy to other devices In step 2, select at the top right of the LCD monitor  [ Quality] or [ MP4]. HD GB 16 Viewing images at a larger size Connecting the camcorder to a TV 1 Connect the HDMI OUT jack of the camcorder to the HDMI IN jack of a TV using the HDMI cable supplied. Recording/Playback Signal flow • If your TV does not have an HDMI jack, connect the Multi Terminal of the camcorder to the video/audio input jacks of the TV using an AV cable (sold separately). Using the built-in projector (HDR-PJ240/PJ240E/PJ270/ PJ270E/PJ275) 1 Press the PROJECTOR button (page 30). 3 Follow the operating guide on the LCD monitor, and then select [Project]. Power zoom lever/PHOTO*2 PROJECTOR FOCUS lever*1 *1 *2 Adjust the focus of the projected image. Use the power zoom lever to move the selection frame that appears on the projected image, then press the PHOTO button. You can also use the multi-selector for this operation. GB 17 Saving images Using PlayMemories Home™ What you can do with PlayMemories Home PlayMemories Home allows you to import movies and photos to your computer to use them in a variety of ways. Playing back imported images Import images from the camcorder. Sharing images on PlayMemories Online™ Viewing images on Calendar Creating movie discs Uploading images to network services  To download PlayMemories Home PlayMemories Home can be downloaded from the following URL. www. sony. net/pm/  To check the computer system You can check the computer requirements for the software at the following URL. www. sony. net/pcenv/ GB 18 Connecting an external media device  Recorder without a USB jack Connect a recorder to the Multi Terminal of your camcorder using an AV cable (sold separately). • Movies are copied with standard definition image quality. Saving images Signal flow GB 19 Using the Wi-Fi function (HDRPJ275) Installing PlayMemories Mobile™ on your smartphone For the latest information and more detailed information on the functions of PlayMemories Mobile, visit the following URL. • One-touch functions (NFC) are not available with iOS. Notes • If PlayMemories Mobile is already installed in your smartphone, update the software to the latest version. • The Wi-Fi function described here is not guaranteed to work on all smartphones and tablets. • The Wi-Fi function of the camcorder cannot be used connected to a public wireless LAN. • To use the One-touch functions (NFC) of the camcorder, a smartphone or tablet supporting the NFC function is required. • The operation methods and display screens for the application are subject to change without notice by future upgrades. http://www. sony. net/pmm/  Android OS Install PlayMemories Mobile from Google play. • Android 4. 0 or higher is required to use One-Touch functions (NFC).  iOS Install PlayMemories Mobile from App Store. GB 20 Transferring MP4 movies and photos to your smartphone  One-touch connection with an Android supporting NFC Notes • Cancel the sleep mode or unlock the screen on the smartphone beforehand. • Make sure that is displayed on the LCD monitor of the camcorder and the smartphone. • Continue touching the camcorder to the smartphone without moving until PlayMemories Mobile starts (1 to 2 seconds). • If the camcorder cannot be connected with the smartphone by NFC, see “Connection without using NFC” (page 21). 1 On the smartphone, select [Settings], then, select [More. . . ] to check that [NFC] is enabled. Saving images  Connection without using NFC 1 2 On the camcorder, play back an image to be sent to the smartphone. [. . . ] *4 [ SteadyShot] is set to [Standard] or [Off]. Others Input/Output connectors HDMI OUT jack: HDMI micro connector PROJECTOR IN jack (HDR-PJ240/ PJ240E/PJ270/PJ270E/PJ275): HDMI micro connector USB jack: Type A (Built-in USB) USB connector is only for output (HDR-CX240E/PJ240E/PJ270E). Multi Terminal GB 27 LCD monitor Picture: 6. 7 cm (2. 7 type, aspect ratio 16:9) Total number of pixels: 230 400 (960 × 240) Projector (HDR-PJ240/PJ240E/ PJ270/PJ270E/PJ275) Projection type: DLP Light source: LED (R/G/B) Focus: Manual Throw Distance: 0. 5 m (1. 6 feet) or over Contrast ratio: 1 500:1 Resolution (output): 640 × 360 Continuous projection time (when using the supplied battery pack): Approx. 10 min. Dimensions (approx. ): HDR-CX240/CX240E: 54. 0 mm × 59. 5 mm × 128. 0 mm (2 1/4 in. × 5 1/8 in. ) (w/ h/d) including the projecting parts 54. 0 mm × 59. 5 mm × 128. 0 mm (2 1/4 in. [. . . ]


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