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[. . . ] Plug Cap Parallel blade with ground pin (NEMA 5-15P Configuration) Cord Type SJT, three 16 or 18 AWG wires Length Minimum 1. ) Rating Minimum 10 A, 125 V Using this unit at a voltage other than 120V may require the use of a different line cord or attachment plug, or both. 1 Use the approved Power Cord (3-core mains lead) / Appliance Connector / Plug with earthing-contacts that conforms to the safety regulations of each country if applicable. 2 Use the Power Cord (3-core mains lead) / Appliance Connector / Plug conforming to the proper ratings (Voltage, Ampere). [. . . ] Otherwise, the air filter will become obstructed, and this may cause a malfunction of the unit or damage it. 15° 15° GB 6 Precautions • When using the unit at an altitude of 1, 500 m or higher, set “High Altitude Mode” to “On” in the Installation menu. Failing to set this mode when using the unit at high altitudes could have adverse effects, such as reducing the reliability of certain components. on LCD Projector The LCD projector is manufactured using high-precision technology. You may, however, see tiny black points and/or bright points (red, blue, or green) that continuously appear on the LCD projector. This is a normal result of the manufacturing process and does not indicate a malfunction. Also, when you use multiple LCD projectors to project onto a screen, even if they are of the same model, the color reproduction among projectors may vary, since color balance may be set differently from one projector to the next. On cleaning the lens and the cabinet • Be sure to disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet before cleaning. € If you rub on the unit with a stained cloth, the cabinet may be scratched. € If the unit is exposed to volatile materials such as insecticide, or the unit is in contact with a rubber or vinyl resin product for a long period of time, the unit may deteriorate or the coating may come off. € On cleaning the lens surface: Wipe the lens gently-with a soft cloth, such as a glass cleaning cloth. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. When you dispose of the battery, you must obey the law in the relative area or country. installing batteries One lithium battery (CR2025) is supplied for the RM-PJ8 Remote Commander. GB 10 Checking the Supplied Accessories Selecting the Menu Language The factory setting for the language for displaying menus, messages, etc. To change the on-screen language, proceed as follows: 3 2 1 1 2 3 Plug in the AC power cord into a wall outlet. Operation Language Status Security Lock Control Key Lock English OnStatus OnStatus Off Off Press the MENU key to display the menu. If the display cannot be properly seen, adjust the focus, size, and position of the projected image (page 13). 1 Press the V or v key to select the Operation ( ) menu then press the ENTER key. 2 Press the V or v key to select “Language ( )” then press the ENTER key. Sel Set Back 3 Press the V/v/B/b key to select a language, then press the ENTER key. Selecting the Menu Language 11 GB Projecting an Image The size of a projected image depends on the distance between the projector and screen. [. . . ] Caution 1 2 • The lamp remains hot after the projector is turned off. When you replace the lamp, wait for at least an hour after turning off the projector for the lamp to cool sufficiently. € Do not allow any metallic or inflammable objects into the lamp replacement slot after removing the lamp, otherwise it may cause electrical shock or fire. Notes Turn off the projector, and disconnect the AC power cord from a wall outlet. [. . . ]


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