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Manual abstract: user guide SONY ICD-70

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 5 months with Sony alkaline batteries LR03 (SG) when recording in LIGHT OPR mode for 2 minutes and playing back for 3 minutes every day Notes ⷠWhen you replace the batteries, insert new batteries within 3 minutes after you removed the exhausted ones, otherwise all the settings you have made will be reset to the initial settings. When replacing the batteries, be sure to replace both batteries with new ones. ⷠWhen you are not going to use the unit for a long time, remove the batteries to prevent damage from battery leakage and corrosion. Before using the IC recorder for the first time, or if you have not used the unit for a long time, you first need to charge the built-in clock battery. [. . . ] Meeting at 2 o'clock on December 1 Follow the steps above and select "OFF" in step 3. When recording from other equipment Follow the steps in "Recording messages"(page 6) to record messages. When recording with an external microphone Make sure that the plugs are connected securely. ⷠWe recommend you make a trial recording to check the connections and volume control. ⷠWhen connecting equipment other than Sony's, refer to the instruction manual of the equipment. When you connect an external microphone, the built-in microphone is automatically cut off . When a plug in power type microphone is connected, power is automatically supplied to the microphone from the IC recorder. Organizing the files Renumbering the Messages according to their Priority -- Priority Marks Usually the recorded messages are lined up in the order of recording. By adding priority marks ( ) to important messages, you can renumber the messages in the order of their priority. You can add up to three priority marks with " " being the most important. The messages with priority marks are rearranged according to the number of the marks. Notes with no priority marks are placed after those with priority marks. During stop mode, messages are rearranged every time a priority mark is added. The notes with the same number of priority marks are arranged in the order of recording. When there are 3 messages in a file, they are arranged as follows: Message 1 Every time you press PRIORITY, the display changes in the following order: n n n no mark. While messages are being rearranged, "­ ­" is displayed in the message number display. Press FILE during playback to select the file you want to move the message to. The icon of the file and "MOVE" will flash and the first and last 5 seconds of the message will be played back 10 times. You can set an ID code (4-digit number) to prevent confidential messages in the (SECRET) file to be played back by others. When the secret function is set to on, you cannot play back the messages unless you enter the ID code; however, you can add new recordings to the secret file. [. . . ] LIGHT ALL: The display window is illuminated at all times during operation. When the unit is not being operated (when the display shows the current time), you can illuminate the display window by pressing STOP. Do not operate the unit while driving, cycling or operating any motorized vehicle. Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or mechanical shock. [. . . ]


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