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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] BGetting started BBasic Operations IC Recorder Operating Instructions Owner's Record The model number is located at the rear and the serial number is located inside the battery compartment. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. ICD-B100/B200 Serial No. Step 1: Installing the Batteries Recording Messages Replacing the batteries The battery indicator on the display window shows the battery condition. flashes, the batteries are When exhausted and the unit will stop operation. [. . . ] · No more recording can be made when 99 messages each have been recorded in a folder. · Due to the limitation of the IC recording system, this unit records in the minimum recording unit. If the length of each message cannot be divided by the minimum recording unit, the remaining recording time may decrease by more than the total length of the messages. 3 Set the month and day in sequence, then press NxPLAY/STOP. Tip To set the date to Year 2004, display "04Y". * About one hour after you pause recording, recording pause is automatically released and the unit goes into the stop mode. 3 Set the time. 3 Set the minute. Starting recording automatically in response to the sound -- Advanced VOR function When VOR (voice operated recording) is set to ON in the menu, recording starts when the recorder detects sound. ("VOR" is displayed in the display window. ) 1 Press ­ . or >+ to select the digits of the hour. The unit does not operate correctly. Backup recommendations To avoid potential risk of data loss caused by accidental operation or malfunction of the IC recorder, we recommend that you save a backup copy of your recorded messages on a tape recorder, etc. Please note that recorded messages may be erased during service or repair work. The display will return to "SET DATE". Recording stops when no sound is heard. ("VOR PAUSE" flashes in the display window. ) Note VOR function is affected by the sound around you. If recording is not satisfactory after you have changed the microphone sensitivity, or for important recording, set VOR to OFF. Tip This unit does not have a power on/off switch. The display is shown at all times. 5 Press MENU to exit from the menu mode. If the unit is left unused for more than 3 seconds in the stop mode, the display will show the current time . Erasing Messages You can erase the recorded messages one by one or all messages in a folder at a time. Note that once a recording has been erased, you cannot retrieve it. BVarious Ways of Recording BOther Functions Adding a Recording to a Previously Recorded Message You can add a recording to the message being played back. The added recording will be placed after the current message and counted as a part of the message. During Message 3 Message 4 playback of Message 3 After adding a recording Message 3 Message 4 Dividing a Message You can divide a message during recording or playback, so that the message is divided into two and the new message number is added to the divided message. By dividing a message, you can easily find the point you want to play back when you make a long recording such as a meeting. You can divide messages until the total number of messages in the folder becomes 99. Playing Back a Message at a Desired Time with an Alarm You can sound an alarm and start playback of a selected message at a desired time. Notes · You cannot set the alarm if you have not set the clock or there is no message in the selected folder (the unit will not enter the alarm setting mode when you press MENU in Step 2). · If you try to set the alarm to play back a message at a previously set time on another message, "PRE SET" will be displayed, preventing new settings. · If the alarm time comes while another message is being played back with an alarm, the playback stops and the new message will be played back. · If the alarm time comes during recording, alarm will sound for 10 seconds after the recording is finished and playback begins. · If more than one alarm time comes during recording, only the first message will be played back. [. . . ] To stop the alarm or playback, press xSTOP. 4 Selecting the Display Mode You can select the display mode for the stop, recording and playback modes. Each time you press DISPLAY, the display mode will change as shown below: 1 On the current time display If the unit is left unoperated for more than 3 seconds in the stop mode, the display will show the current time, regardless of the display mode setting. Press MENU to exit the menu mode. The setting becomes effective and the normal screen will be displayed. If the unit is left unoperated for more than 3 seconds, the display will show the current time and the selected recording mode will be displayed. Press ­ . or >+ to select the day of the week. Tape recorder, TV, radio, etc. Index to Parts and Controls Main unit MIC jack (PLUG IN POWER) EAR (earphone) jack MIC (built-in microphone) Display window MENU DISPLAY zXREC (record) /PAUSE NxPLAY/STOP (ENTER) ­ . (review/fast backward)/ >+ (cue/fast forward) (SELECT) Speaker HOLD DIVIDE OPR (operation) indicator ERASE FOLDER VOL (volume) +/­ 1 Play back the message you want to move. To play back at the same time every day 2 Follow the steps in "Recording messages" to record messages. Notes · Make sure that the plugs are connected securely. [. . . ]


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