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[. . . ] If you divide a message frequently, the unit may become unable to divide the message further. Set "LOCK" to "OFF" in the menu before dividing the message. There are fewer menu items displayed in the menu mode. The menu items displayed are different depending on the operation modes (stop mode, playback mode and recording mode). The battery life is based on playback with the volume level set to 27. [. . . ] When the clock has not been set or no messages are recorded, you cannot set the alarm. The alarm sounds even if you set "BEEP" to "OFF" in the menu. If you try to set the alarm to play back a message at a previously set time on another message, "PRE SET" will be displayed, preventing new settings. If the alarm time comes during recording, the alarm will sound after the recording is finished. If the alarm time comes while you are updating data, the alarm will be cancelled automatically. If more than one alarm time comes, only the first message will be played back with an alarm. Once the alarm is set, the alarm will not be cancelled, even after the message is played back. If the alarm time comes while another message is being played back with an alarm, the payback stops and the new message will be played back. If you divide a message you have set an alarm for, the alarm setting remains on only the first part of the divided message. If you delete a message on which you have set an alarm, that alarm will be also cancelled. If the alarm time comes during erasing operation, alarm will sound for 10 seconds after the erasing is finished and playback begins. Locks the message so that you cannot move it, erase it, add a new message to it, add an overwritten message to it, or divide it. OFF*: The lock function is cancelled. Making Settings for the Menu 2 Press ­ or + to select the menu PLAY/STOP·ENTER FOLDER/MENU ­, + item for which you want to make setting, and then press PLAY/STOP·ENTER. Before you start recording, we recommend you make a trial recording first. If the input level is not strong enough, connect the headphone jack (minijack, stereo) of other equipment to the (microphone) jack of the IC recorder and adjust the volume level on the equipment connected to the IC recorder. Stereo microphone with shirt-clip is supplied with some models in some regions only. (The clip is detachable. ) You can use the Sony ECM-DM5P, ECM-Z60 (U. S. A. only), ECM-CS10, ECM-CZ10, ECM-DS70P, ECM-DS30P electret condenser microphone (not supplied). supplied) to record sound from a telephone or a cell phone. For details on how to make the connection, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the ECM-TL1 microphone. Notes Making the Human Voice Clearer ­ the Noise Cut Function When the noise cut function is set to "ON" in the menu, the distortion of very low and high frequencies which are outside the human voice range is reduced, therefore you can hear the human voice more clearly. On maintenance To clean the exterior, use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water. If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Backup recommendations To avoid potential risk of data loss caused by accidental operation or malfunction of the IC recorder, we recommend that you save a backup copy of your recorded messages on a tape recorder, etc. 3 Press ­ or + to select "ON, " and then press PLAY/STOP·ENTER. Recommended microphones 3 Press ­ or + to select the setting that you want to set, and then press PLAY/STOP·ENTER. Recording sound from a telephone or a cell phone You can use the ECM-TL1 headphonetype electret condenser microphone (not 1 Press and hold FOLDER/MENU to enter the menu mode. The menu mode window will be displayed. 4 Press (stop) to exit the menu mode. Note If you do not press any button for 1 minute, the menu mode is automatically cancelled and the window will return to the normal display. After you have made the connection, check the sound quality of the conversation and the recording level before you start recording. If the beep of the telephone or a dial tone is recorded, the conversation may be recorded with lower level of sound. [. . . ] ON*: During recording or playback, the operation indicator lights or flashes. OFF: The operation indicator does not light or flash, even during operation. ON: To set the alarm, select "ON" and set the date, time or day of the week, or choose "DAILY" for playback. B-PLAY*: The selected message will be played back after the alarm when the alarm time comes. [. . . ]


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