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Manual abstract: user guide SONY ICD-P110annexe 1

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 3-264-819-11 (1) BGetting Started System Requirements Your computer and system software must meet the following minimum requirements. · IBM PC/AT or compatible ­ CPU: 266MHz Pentium® II processor or higher ­ RAM: 64MB or more ­ Hard disk space: 70MB or more depending on the size and number of sound files you store. ­ CD-ROM drive/"Memory Stick" drive*1 ­ USB connector*2 (compatible with the standard USB 1. 1) ­ Sound board: Sound Blaster 16 compatible ­ Display: High color (16 bit) or more and 800 x 480 dots or more · OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional/XP Home Edition/2000 Professional/Millennium Edition/98 Second Edition/98 standard installation *3 (You cannot use this software with Windows® 95 or Windows® NT. ) *1 If you do not connect your IC recorder to your computer via USB connectors, you need a computer with a "Memory Stick" slot or optional "Memory Stick" adaptors as shown below to transfer the "Memory Stick" data to your computer: ­ PC Card Adaptor for "Memory Stick" (ex. MSAC-US70) Depending on the adaptors, more system requirements may be needed. [. . . ] If the installer does not start up, double click [DVE Setup. exe] in the [English] folder. If you have already installed a previous version of the "Digital Voice Editor" or any version of the "Memory Stick Voice Editor" The dialog box to uninstall the previous version may be displayed. (Messages are not removed. ) Follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall the software and then the installation of the current version starts. Before You Begin This manual describes how to connect your Sony IC recorder ICD-S series, ICD-ST series, ICD-SX series, ICD-MS series, ICD-BM series, ICD-BP series, and ICD-P series to your computer, how to install the "Digital Voice Editor" software, and the overview of the "Digital Voice Editor" software. Before you start, read the operating instructions of your IC recorder. The "Digital Voice Editor" software allows you to transfer the messages to your display monitor, to save them on your computer's hard disk, and to play back and edit them. · Transferring the messages recorded on the IC recorder to your computer · Saving the messages on your computer's hard disk · Viewing, playing, or editing the messages on your computer · Transferring messages back to the IC recorder · Sending a voice e-mail message using MAPI e-mail software. · Using the transcribing keys to play back a message and transcribe it using a word-processor or an editor's window. · Transcribing your IC recorder message using Dragon NaturallySpeaking® speech-recognition software (Only when Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 5. 0 (or higher) Preferred or Professional Edition is installed on your computer). For details on each operation , refer to the online help files. Notes The "Digital Voice Editor 2" does not support the ICS file format (Sony IC recorder Sound file/file extension: *. ics ) used in recording messages on the IC recorder ICD-R100. To use an ICS file with the "Digital Voice Editor 2", use the software compatible with the ICS file format such as "ICS converter", "Sony ICD-PCLINK software" or "Digital Voice Editor Ver. (The ICS Converter is available on the Sony web site as free software. ) 3 Follow the displayed instructions. When the [Restart] dialog box appears, click [OK] to restart the computer. When the dialog box used to input the owner name is displayed Input the owner name for your identification with the Digital Voice Editor. BUsing the Software Saving Messages to the Computer The [Select IC Recorder] dialog box is displayed. Select the IC recorder or the "Memory Stick" drive you use from the drop-down list and click [OK]. The message folders of the selected IC recorder are displayed in the folder list box. Notes · The drive letters and IC recorder identifications on the IC Recorder combo box differ depending on the computer's configurations and settings, the type of your IC recorder, and how the "Memory Stick" is connected. · When you specify the "Memory Stick" drive or the IC recorder ICD-S/BM series without a VOICE folder, the dialog box to ask you to create new message folder is displayed. Click [Yes] to make the initial setting of the memory and display the Digital Voice Editor main window. If you select [Cancel], the dialog box for selecting the IC recorder appears. · If the IC recorder connected to your computer does not appear on the IC Recorder combo box, check the connection. · When you connect the Memory Stick IC recorder ICD-MS series, the IC recorder name does not appear on the IC Recorder combo box. · The number of folders differs depending on the IC recorder you are using. Troubleshooting Symptom "Digital Voice Editor" software cannot be installed. Starting the "Digital Voice Editor" 1 2 3 Turn on your computer and start Windows. Click [Start], and select [Programs], [Sony Digital Voice Editor 2] and then [Digital Voice Editor 2]. The "Digital Voice Editor" Software starts up and the main window appears. [. . . ] It takes too long to convert a file format. Adding Messages to the IC Recorder 1Menu bar/Toolbar You can access and execute the menu commands from the menu bar. The toolbar contains the buttons for common menu command tasks, providing quick way to do tasks. 2IC Recorder combo box You can select the IC recorder connected to the USB connector of your computer or the drive with the "Memory Stick" inserted. In the right of the combo box, the free memory space in the selected IC recorder is displayed. [. . . ]


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