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[. . . ] 2-894-353-52 (2) Getting Started IC Recorder Operating Instructions Owner's Record The model number is located at the rear panel and the serial number is located inside the battery compartment. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. ICD-SX57 Serial No. Basic Operations Various Recording Modes Playback/Erasing Editing Messages Utilizing the Menu Function Using the IC Recorder with Your Computer Toubleshooting Additional Information Index ICD-SX57 © 2007 Sony Corporation For the customers in the United States The following FCC statement applies only to the version of this model manufactured for sale in the USA. Other versions may not comply with FCC technical regulations. Declaration of Conformity Trade Name Model Responsible Party Address SONY ICD-SX57 Sony Electronics Inc. [. . . ] YES, NO ON, OFF MID, MAX GB Menu items REC MODE Settings (*: Initial setting) Sets the recording mode. SP: You can record with better sound (monaural sound) LP: You can record for a longer time (monaural sound). When "REC LEVEL" is set to "AUTO_ AGC, " this setting is effective. Cuts any frequency lower than 200Hz to reduce the roaring noise from wind (Low Cut Filter). ON: The LCF function is activated. MIC SENS Utilizing the Menu Function LCF (LOW CUT) GB Menu items REC LEVEL Settings (*: Initial setting) Sets to record using AGC or to record manually. AUTO_AGC*": The recording level is automatically adjusted, and you can record with distortion-free sound. You can set the microphone sensitivity by changing the setting of "MIC SENS. " MANUAL: You can adjust the recording level manually (page 24). When "REC LEVEL" is set to "AUTO_AGC, " this setting is effective. Recording starts when the IC recorder detects sound and pauses when no sound is heard, eliminating recording during soundless periods. (Items shown in the playback/ stop mode) ELAPSE*: Elapsed playback time of one message REMAIN: Remaining time of one message REC DATE: Recorded date and time Sets the DPC (Digital Pitch Control) function. When you set the DPC switch to "ON, " you can adjust the speed of the playback in a range from +200% to -75%. ­30%* VOR DISPLAY DPC 50 GB Menu items EFFECT Settings (*: Initial setting) Sets whether to emphasize bass sound during playback. BASS2: The bass sound is emphasized even more. Note EASY SEARCH When playing back messages using a speaker, the EFFECT function does not work. PLAY MODE Sets the easy search function. ON: You can go forward for about 10 seconds by pressing and go back for about 3 seconds by pressing . This function is useful when attempting to locate desired point in a long recording. 1 FILE: When a message is played back, the IC recorder stops at the beginning of the next message. Utilizing the Menu Function 51 GB Menu items ADD/OVER Settings (*: Initial setting) You can add a recording to a previously recorded message or an overwrite recording during playback. ON*: A beep will sound to indicate that an operation has been accepted. ON*: During recording or playback, the OPR indicator lights or flashes. OFF: The OPR indicator does not light or flash, even during operation. BEEP LED Note When the IC recorder is connected to a computer using the USB cable, the OPR indicator lights or flashes even if "LED" is set to "OFF. " 52 GB Menu items BACKLIGHT Settings (*: Initial setting) Turns the backlight in the display window on or off. 10 SEC*: The backlight in the display window lights up for 10 seconds. OFF: The backlight in the display window does not light, even during operation. Press /MENU to return to the folder window before erasing the messages and select a folder from which all messages are to be erased, and then go to the menu window and select "YES. " The bookmark of the selected message will be cancelled. [. . . ] When the battery indicator indicates " , " charging is completed. 4 hours*) When you use the IC recorder for the first time, or after you have not used the IC recorder for a certain time, it is recommended that you charge the batteries repeatedly until " " is displayed. If the battery indicator is not displayed, charging has not been done properly. Proceed from step 1 again. To USB connector USB cable (supplied) You can charge the rechargeable batteries (not supplied) by connecting the IC recorder to an AC outlet using a USB AC adaptor (not supplied). [. . . ]


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