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Manual abstract: user guide SONY ICD-SX700

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] For customers in Europe Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems) Thissymbolontheproductoronits packagingindicatesthatthisproduct shallnotbetreatedashousehold waste. Insteaditshallbehandedover totheapplicablecollectionpoint fortherecyclingofelectricaland electronicequipment. Byensuringthis productisdisposedofcorrectly, you willhelppreventpotentialnegativeconsequences fortheenvironmentandhumanhealth, whichcould otherwisebecausedbyinappropriatewastehandling ofthisproduct. Therecyclingofmaterialswillhelp toconservenaturalresources. Formoredetailed informationaboutrecyclingofthisproduct, please contactyourlocalCivicOffice, yourhouseholdwaste disposalserviceortheshopwhereyoupurchased theproduct. Applicableaccessories:USBconnectingcable, cradle helppreventpotentiallynegativeconsequencesfor theenvironmentandhumanhealthwhichcould otherwisebecausedbyinappropriatewastehandling ofthebattery. Therecyclingofthematerialswillhelp toconservenaturalresources. Incaseofproductsthatforsafety, performance ordataintegrityreasonsrequireapermanent connectionwithanincorporatedbattery, thisbattery shouldbereplacedbyqualifiedservicestaffonly. Toensurethatthebatterywillbetreatedproperly, handovertheproductatend-of-lifetotheapplicable collectionpointfortherecyclingofelectricaland electronicequipment. [. . . ] Ifyoudivideamessagewithprioritymark(s), theprioritymark(s)willbeaddedtoboth partsofthedividedmessage. Ifyoudivideamessageattheposition whereyouhavesetthebookmark, the bookmarkwillbedeleted. Therecordingtimeofthelatterhalfofthe dividedmessagewillbethesametimeas thatofthedividedposition. Ifyoudivide anLPCMorMP3filerecordedusingtheIC recorder, therecordingtimeofthelatterfile willbethesametimeastheoriginalfile. IfyoudivideamessageduringA-Brepeat playbackoronemessagerepeatplayback, therepeatsettingwillbecancelled. Ifmorethan10secondshavepassedafter step1, youmuststarttheprocedureagain fromthebeginning. Youcannotdivideamessageotherthan theonerecordedusingtheICrecorder (MP3/LPCM/WMAfiletransferredfroma computer). Onceamessageisdivided, youcannot combinedividedmessagesusingtheIC recorder. Ifyoudivideamessagefrequently, theunit maybecomeunabletodividethemessage further. Ifyoudivideamessagewithanalarm setting, thesamealarmsettingremainsonly withtheformermessagedivided. Youcannotdivideamessageatthevery beginning(0. 5secondsfromthebeginning) orattheveryend(0. 5secondspriortothe end)ofthemessage. Youcannotdivideamessagewithinthe rangeof0. 5secondsbeforeandafteryou havesetabookmark. When" "isdisplayedforthefolder indicator, youcannotdivideamessage. To play the divided message Pressortodisplaythemessage number, asthedividedmessagesnow eachhavemessagenumbers. GB Adding Priority Mark(s) ­ the Priority Mark Function 1 Select the message you want to mark. 2 Press and hold 3 Press and hold A-B/ (priority). The" "indicatorwillflash. A-B/ (priority) again to add the priority mark. Eachtimeyoupressandhold A-B/ , theprioritymark(s)will changeasfollows: Nomark Editing Messages Notes A-B/ YoucannotaddprioritymarkstoanLPCM, MP3orWMAfile. When" "isdisplayedforthefolder indicator, youcannotaddaprioritymark. Youcanaddprioritymarks( )to importantmessages. Therearefour levels, " "(themostimportant), " , "" , "andnoprioritymark. Youcan addprioritymarksbothinthestop mode, andintheplaybackmode. GB Preventing Accidental Operation ­ the HOLD function "HOLD"withthekeymarkandthe currenttimewillappearfor3seconds indicatingthatallthefunctionsofthe buttonsarelocked. To cancel the HOLD function SlidetheHOLDswitchintheopposite directionfromthatofthearrow. Note WhentheHOLDfunctionisactivatedduring recording, canceltheHOLDfunctionfirstto stoprecording. Tip EveniftheHOLDfunctionisactivated, youcan stopthealarmplayback. Tostopthealarmor playback, press(stop). Topreventaccidentaloperation, slidethe HOLDswitchinthedirectionofarrowin therecordingorplaybackmode. GB Utilizing the Menu Function 2 Press or to select the Making Settings for the Menu menu item for which you want to make setting, then press . 3 Press or to select the , setting that you want to set, then press . Utilizing the Menu Function /MENU 4 Press (stop) to exit the menu mode. Note Ifyoudonotpressanybuttonforoneminute, themenuisautomaticallycancelledandthe windowwillreturntothenormaldisplay. 1 Press and hold the menu mode. /MENU to enter Themenumodewindowwillbe displayed. To return to the previous window Press /MENUduringmenusetting. To stop the menu operation in the middle Press(stop). GB Menu settings Menu items Settings Operation mode ( : the setting can be made/ : the setting cannot be made) Stop mode RECMODE MP3 LPCM LPEC , MP3 , LPEC , LPEC , MP3 , LPEC , LPCM , LPEC , , , Playback mode Recording mode RECLEVEL LCF(LOWCUT) VOR DISPLAY DPC V-UP EFFECT EASYSEARCH PLAYMODE ERASEALL ERASE BOOKMARK MOVE LOW , HIGH , S-HIGH , MUSIC MANUAL ON, OFF ON, OFF ELAPSE, REMAIN, RECDATE n%(n=­75-+200) MEDIUM, MAXIMUM, OFF BASS1, BASS2, OFF ON, OFF 1, , ALL, 1, , ALL ADD/OVERWRITE ADD, OVERWRITE, OFF ERASEALL?YES, NO ERASEBOOKMARK?YES, NO (Foldertobemoved) 0 GB Menu items Settings Operation mode ( : the setting can be made/ : the setting cannot be made) Stop mode Playback mode Recording mode ALARM DETAILMENU LIMITER PREREC SYNCREC SELECTINPUT DATE&TIME TIMEDISPLAY FORMAT BEEP LED BACKLIGHT MENU LANGUAGE NEW, LIST ON, OFF ON, OFF ON, OFF MICIN, AUDIOIN AUTO, MANUAL 12-HOUR, 24-HOUR ERASEALLDATA?YES, NO ON, OFF ON, OFF 10SEC, 60SEC, OFF Utilizing the Menu Function Europeanmodel: ENGLISH, Pycc(Russian) Othermodel: ENGLISH, Pycc(Russian), (Japanese), (Korean), (Chinese), (Chinese), (Thai) ON, OFF USBCHARGE 1 GB Menu items REC MODE Settings (*: Initial setting) Sets the recording mode. LPEC : Stereohigh-qualityrecordingmode. See page 30 GB Menu items REC LEVEL Settings (*: Initial setting) Sets the microphone sensitivity. LOW : Torecorddictationwithamicrophoneinfrontofyour mouth, asoundneartheICrecorder, oraloudsound. HIGH *: Torecordthesoundofanormalconversationormeeting, suchasarecordingmadeinaconferenceroomorduring interviews. S-HIGH : TorecordasoundfarawayfromtheICrecorderoralow sound, suchasarecordingmadeinaspaciousroom. MUSIC : Torecordmorenaturalacousticsound, aswellas preventingsounddistortion. Sets the LCF (Low Cut Filter) function to cut a low frequency to reduce the roaring noise from wind; therfore you can record a message more clearly. [. . . ] Noisemayberecordedwhenan object, suchasyourfinger, etc. , rubsor scratchestheunitduringrecording. Tocleantheexterior, useasoftcloth slightlymoistenedinwater. Donotuse alcohol, benzineorthinner. Backup recommendations Toavoidpotentialriskofdataloss causedbyaccidentaloperationor malfunctionoftheICrecorder, we recommendthatyousaveabackup copyofyourrecordedmessagesona taperecorderortoacomputer, etc. On maintenance Ifyouhaveanyquestionsorproblems concerningyourunit, pleaseconsultyour nearestSonydealer. 1 GB Specifications IC recorder section Capacity (User available capacity) ICD-SX700: 1GB(approx. 970MB=1, 017, 610, 240Byte) ICD-SX800: 2GB(approx. 1. 9GB=2, 047, 737, 856Byte) Apartofthememorycapacityisusedasa managementarea. Bit rates and sampling frequencies for MP3 files*2 Bitrate:32-320kbps, VBR Samplingfrequencies:16/22. 05/24/32/44. 1/ 48kHz *2TheplaybackofMP3filesrecordedusingthe ICrecorderisalsosupported. Notallencodersaresupported. Bit rate and sampling frequencies*3 for WMA files Bitrate:32-192kbps, VBR Samplingfrequencies:44. 1kHz *3WMAVer. 9iscompatible, however, MBR (MultiBitRate), Lossless, Professional, and Voicearenotsupported. * Whenyouaregoingtorecordcontinuously foralongtime, youmayhavetoreplace thebatterieswithnewonesinthemidstof recording. Fordetailsonthebatterylife, refer topage17. 1 Additional Information Frequency range General Speaker Approx. 16mmdia. LPCM44/16:50-20, 000Hz LPCM22/16:50-10, 000Hz MP3192k:50-16, 000Hz MP3128k:50-16, 000Hz MP348k:50-14, 000Hz LPECSTHQ:50-20, 000Hz LPECST:50-16, 500Hz LPECSTLP:50-7, 000Hz LPECSP:50-6, 000Hz LPECLP:50-3, 500Hz Power output 150mW 1 GB Input/Output Optional accessories ActivespeakerSRS-T80, SRS-T88 ElectretcondensermicrophoneECM-CS10, ECM-CZ10, ECM-TL1 AudioconnectingcableRK-G136, RK-G139 (excludingEurope) USBACadaptorAC-U50A RechargeablebatteryNH-AAA-B2K BatterychargerBCG-34HS2KA Microphonejack(minijack, stereo) inputforpluginpower, minimuminput level0. 9mV, 3kilohmsorlowerimpedance microphone Headphonejack(minijack, stereo) outputfor8-300ohmsheadphones USBconnector High-SpeedUSBcompatible Playback speed control (DPC) ­75%to+200% Power requirements TwoNH-AAArechargeablebatteries:2. 4VDC TwoLR03(sizeAAA)alkalinebatteries:3. 0VDC Yourdealermaynothandlesomeofthe abovelistedoptionalaccessories. Please askthedealerfordetailedinformation. [. . . ]


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