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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] When flashes and "CHANGE BATTERY" flashes 3 times, the battery is exhausted and the IC recorder will stop operating. This unit does not have a power on/off switch. *1 Connect stereo headphone(s) or stereo ear receiver to the (headphone) jack. *2 How to use the control key Use the key to change the menu settings as well as for playback. In the menu mode press the key right or left to select a menu item and press the key () to confirm the setting. !Notes When you replace the battery with a new one, the clock returns to the setting display, or an incorrect date and time appear when you insert the new battery. The IC recorder is accessing data while "ACCESS" appears on the display or the OPR indicator flashes in orange. [. . . ] Applicable accessories: Headphone If you record messages in a mixture of HQ, SP and LP modes, the recordable time varies from the maximum HQ mode recording time to the maximum LP mode recording time. No more recording can be made when 99 messages each have been recorded in a folder. Due to the limitation of the IC recording system, this unit records in the minimum recording unit. If the length of each message cannot be divided by the minimum recording unit, the remaining recording time may decrease by more than the total length of the messages. Take out the battery and insert it again. start recording. The message will be automatically added after the end of the last recorded message. e. g. Message 1 Message 2 New message Empty space lid. Speak into the built-in microphone. To record in better sound quality, select "HQ. " Selecting the microphone sensitivity Select the microphone sensitivity in the "MIC SENS:H" menu (see "Menu Settings" on the reverse side). Playing back a specified section repeatedly (A-B Repeat) 1 During playback, press A-B (repeat) briefly to set the starting point (A). 2 While "A-B B?" is flashing, press A-B briefly again to set the finishing point (B). "A-B REPEAT" appears and the specified section is played back repeatedly. Playing Back MP3 Files Using the IC Recorder Drag and drop the MP3 files from the computer to the Menu item DPC:0% Settings (*: Initial setting) When you set the DPC switch to ON, you can adjust the speed of the playback between twice the normal speed (+100%) and half the normal speed (­50%). Set the speed by 10% for + setting ("FAST PLAY" appears) and by 5% for ­ setting ("SLOW PLAY" appears). 1 FILE PLAY*: When the playback of one message is finished, the IC recorder stops at the beginning of the next message. CONTINUED PLAY: All messages in one folder are played back continuously. Precautions On power recorder. (MUSIC) folder of the IC To stop A-B Repeat playback Press STOP. To pause A-B Repeat playback, press . The number of directory levels allowed for the folder is 2 and the maximum number of folders is 300. The total number of files allowed in the (MUSIC) folder is 999. Operate the unit only on 1. 5 V DC. Do not operate the unit while driving, cycling or operating any motorized vehicle. Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or mechanical shock. Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit, remove the battery and have the unit checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further. Noise may be heard when the unit is placed near an AC power source, a fluorescent lamp or a mobile phone during recording or playback. Noise may be recorded when an object, such as your finger, etc. , rubs or scratches the unit during recording. Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner. Press VOICE PL MODE> On safety /MENU to select " . " !Notes You cannot set A-B Repeat for a section that overlaps two or more messages. If you do not set the finishing point (B), the finishing point is automatically set at the end of the message. When you stop the A-B Repeat playback with the DPC switch set to ON, the playback may not start from the point you stopped the A-B Repeat playback. Press the control key toward or to select a file to play and press . [. . . ] (Items shown in the playback/stop/recording mode) COUNTER*: Elapsed playback time of one message/ Elapsed playback time of one message /Recording time REMAIN: Remaining time of one message/Remaining recording time/ Remaining recording time REC DATE: Recorded date/ Recorded date/Current date REC TIME: Recorded time/ Recorded time/Current time Set the VOR function. Recording starts when the IC recorder detects sound and stops when no sound is heard ("VOR PAUSE" flashes on the display), eliminating recording during soundless periods. OFF*: The VOR function does not work. When connecting to the line input connector, use a cable without a resistor as follows. To the IC recorder Stereo mini-plug (without a resistor) Stereo mini-plug (without a resistor) To the other equipment Mini-plug (monaural) (without a resistor) Stereo mini-plug (without a resistor) Install the plug-in into your computer. [. . . ]


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