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[. . . ] • Avoid exposure to temperature extremes , direct sunlight , moisture , sand , dust , or mechanical shock. € Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit, disconnect the AC power adaptor or remove the batteries, and have the unit checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further. € Since a strong magnet is used for the speaker, keep personal credit cards using magnetic coding or spring-wound watches away from the unit to prevent possible damage from the magnet. € When the casing becomes soiled, clean it with a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent solution. [. . . ] Troubleshooting Guide Should any problem persist after you have made the following checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer. € The unit is being used in extremely high or low temperatures or in a place with excessive moisture. € Weak batteries • In a vehicle or in a building, place your unit near a window. Repeated pressing of BAND changes the band in the following order: PS (Programme Service) - Displays station names in up to 8 letters. @ Earphone jack @ Prise de casque DC IN 3V Displaying the Station Name You can set the unit to display the name of the tuned-in station. € Automatic switch from regular radio broadcast to traffic information provided by the EON network. 2 *Enhanced Other Networks–EON An EON network consists of a group of stations whereby a listener, who is tuned in to a participating station using a RDS compatible radio, can automatically receive RDS data transmitted by other stations in the network. When the radio is receiving RDS data, “RDS” and the name of the station transmitting the data appear in the display. POWER ALTERNATIVE • Automatic search and switch to a frequency with SEARCH a relatively stronger signal for a station broadcasting on multiple frequencies. PRESET TUNE/ TIME SET LIGHT * Both FM1 and FM2 refer to the same FM waveband and are differentiated solely to enable more than one station to be assigned to a preset button. ) Setting the Clock Using the CT Function The CT function of the RDS enables the built-in clock of the unit to automatically synchronize with CT data being transmitted. 4 Turn TUNE/TIME SET upward or downward until you locate the frequency of your desired station. When you turn TUNE/TIME SET to or , the frequency readout in the display increases or decreases, respectively. Turning it to or causes the readout to rapidly increase or decrease, respectively. mHz/kHz AF (Alternative Frequencies) - Automatic selection of a relatively stronger signal. € The RDS function of this radio will not be activated if the tuned-in FM station does not transmit RDS data. The function may also not work properly in areas where RDS transmissions are in an experimental stage. 1 Switch STATION NAME to CLOCK 2 when “RDS” is lit in the display. This activates the CT function and “ ” starts to flash in the display. When the current time is synchronized, “ ” stops flashing and remains in the display. STATION NAME STATION CLOCK AUTO ADJUST ALTERNATIVE SEARCH TRAFFIC INFO Utilisation des fonctions RDS Les fonctions suivantes exploitant les données RDS sont disponibles avec cette radio: CLOCK PRESET TUNING STATION SELECT/ PRESET BAND Other Features 2 3 4 5 • Quartz-controlled PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesizer system using a microcomputer for easy pinpoint tuning. 1 Locating Better Reception Some broadcasters, such as the BBC, broadcast on several frequencies. [. . . ] Note • When a station that transmits RDS data is preset, its AF data is recorded in the memory of the unit. Hence, when the preset station is tuned in and no RDS data is received, the ALTERNATIVE SEARCH function automatically scans for RDS data among the other frequencies of the station through the AF data. The display of the unit will show the rapidly changing frequencies during the search. If a frequency with RDS data is detected, the unit switches to that frequency. [. . . ]


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